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5 Best Careers for People with Anxiety

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Last updated on November 29, 2019

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It can be really hard for an anxiety sufferer to cope with, what most others would consider, a normal working environment.
So many interruptions, so many interactions with others – good and bad – noise, multi-tasking, dealing with stress and trying to stay sane, usually all at the same time!
It’s quite a lot of stimuli for the anxious brain to process on top of all the other thoughts that are already racing through it!
That said, it is quite obvious that there are certain careers that are much better suited to the anxiety sufferer than others.

Let’s take a look at 5 of the best careers for people with anxiety!

Clerical or behind the scenes work in a SMALL office environment

AnxietyPanda has found that working in a noncustomer facing, small office environment really suited her anxious mind.
Think about it – more or less 6 or 7 (sometimes less) other colleagues to interact with when necessary, no dealings with the public, low-pressure deadlines as the company is small and the workload is easily handled, to name but a few of the advantages.

AnxietyPanda Tip! There are exceptions, so always do your homework and research about the company you’re interviewing with before accepting any job offers from them.

Freelance online from home

Proofreading, editing, transcribing, programming you name it!
There are so many opportunities online when it comes to freelancing thanks to communities like Fiverr or that you can basically take any hobby you enjoy and turn it into income.
Make money while having fun!
Offer what skills you enjoy and you will end up being happier and more fulfilled than you’ve ever been.

From personal experience, AnxietyPanda recommends that you build a really good portfolio for yourself. Especially if you are a beginner as it is more difficult to land the jobs at this level.
There are the exceptions of course, where newbies are preferred and when you get accepted for those gigs, they will help you build trust and a reputation with others over time which in turn will lead to better paying and more consistent job opportunities.

Write a Blog or Make a Website about your Passion

It has been a dream for many years of AnxietyPanda’s life to be able to earn an income online.
She tried blogging many years ago, with mediocre success and eventually gave up due to a lack of resources and because she just didn’t have the know-how of getting ranked, didn’t know about keywords or that they even exist, and just didn’t have access to general support.
Any training was limited as she was unable to afford to pay for it at the time and those offering “free” advice usually wanted you to BUY NOW At this one time only limited offer of only $99!
You know, those really cringy, sales-pitchy type websites…

Fast forward 10 years of desperately searching for legitimate opportunities to earn an income and ending up disappointed in every case …
Until she was looking for a review on the latest “legitimate” earn online scheme that again totally scammed her.
It was on this scam-review website that she also came across a review that has since that moment been changing her life and seriously for the better!
It was a review of Wealthy Affiliate.
An incredibly positive one.
And what drew her in more was the fact that they offered a free lifetime membership to their first module of training, and 7 days free access to their premium membership.
This first training module covers the basics and foundations of starting your own niche content website and making money through affiliate marketing, and offers more than enough to get you started with your very own website, and then some!
AnxietyPanda decided to join Wealthy Affiliate for a year, to test the waters.
If it’s nice, she’ll stay.
AnxietyPanda feels this will be a perfect source of income for her as she can interact with others on her own terms and work on her own terms away from stress and negativity, comfy and warm in her own cave.
Plus, she really enjoys the research that goes into post writing and gets to enrich herself in the process by learning new things and helping other people.

Make Wine!

AnxietyPanda Warning! Do not indulge in the regular consumption of the product you are making. It is a known fact that alcohol and anxiety do not mix. It is okay to taste-test in order to fulfill your duties as a winemaker.

Winemaking has quite a few anxiety-pro benefits.
You get to be out in nature, getting some love and vitamin D from the sun while inspecting the vineyards.
You’re also getting exercise while walking through the vines and inspecting the crops.

Other times, you are busy tasting the product in the barrels to make sure that everything is on track and to be able to make necessary changes when needed.
Wine in moderation has many health benefits, but remember that you should rather not extend your alcohol consumption beyond the point of performing your duties.

You will also have to sample the fruit in the vineyards, and grapes offer numerous beneficial benefits for your health!
It’s yummy too!

Be a Housekeeper

If you have anxiety and you like cleaning, this is the perfect job for you.
With interaction limited to the residents of the house, who are all most likely out during your working hours, you get to enjoy the solitude of your own thoughts while going about your daily duties.
It is easy, but requires hard work and dedication and must not be seen as a degrading position to have. You could be the housekeeper of a very prestigious family and you should always take pride in everything that you do.
It will open many doors for you.

Be what you Want to Be

Although there’s no such thing as “The Perfect Job”, for AnxietyPanda, the perfect job would mean a position where she could come into the office, see and speak with no one, if she needs support there is chat and email communication, do the work, and go home.
Ahhhh – heaven …
Another “perfect job” would be to do something that is enjoyable. As obvious as it may sound.
Then it wouldn’t feel like working.

Remember – be what you want to be. Why work for a living when you could be having fun for a living?

We hope you enjoyed this article on some of the best careers for people with anxiety. Please share your thoughts and recommendations in the comments!

Panda-love <3

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  1. I love your blog post, Panda! Now I understand why my husband deals with winemaking (in his free time):). He’s a type of person you just described – an anxiety sufferer. Working on our grape vineyards relaxes him. On the other hand, I work online. I’m not an anxious type of person, but, I enjoy my working at Home, away from stress and negativity. There’s just a positive “stress” – to succeed & reach my goals:)


    • Hi Vesna!
      Your husband definitely has the right hobby for his anxious personality! He gets all the natural, anxiety-busting benefits all by doing something he loves. Win-win!
      Glad to hear that you enjoy working online too! You are right, one doesn’t necessarily have to be anxious in order to work online, it’s for anybody! Good luck to your ventures and may all your goals be reached!

      • Thank you, Panda!
        Good luck to your ventures, too:)

  2. Great advice Panda,
    Love the look of your site, and yes blogging about what you know, has to be the way to a stress free business.

    You already understand what can make you anxious. Now you just gotta figure out what relaxes you 🙂
    Your site is already relaxing me. I love your design choices. For a panda, you’re very creative and I hope you realise, what a much needed resource this is.

    good luck AP

    See you on the beach… Unless the sun bothers you of course.

    Never give up, this is a great idea

    Cheers nOrm x

    • Hey there nOrm!
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting!
      AnxietyPanda prefers to laze around in the forest, however, does make an impromptu appearance on the beach on occasion! Will be keeping an eye out x)

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