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5 Tips to Survive an Unfair Boss

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Employment adds a certain degree of stress to your life. But the situation can become worse or almost unbearable when you are dealing with an over-demanding or unfair boss.

It is not a necessity for you to like your boss but you do need to be on good terms with him or her.  As you can understand, your boss’s co-operation is extremely important for you to maintain optimum productivity in the workplace.

If you are feeling that things between your boss and you are not right, you shouldn’t ignore it. Take the necessary measures to solve the problem because your career growth and success, along with your health, depend a lot on your peace of mind.

Here are some tips that will help you to make your situation a little more bearable.

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1. Consider Your Boss As Your Parent And You As Their Teenage Child

It may seem trivial but using this method is extremely effective. Think about your own teenage years and your relationship with your parents at that time. You will find that the situations are very much similar.

Teenagers never like the imposed discipline and rule from their parents. They possess strong disagreement with their parent’s authority and experience.  Comparing your boss to your parents will somehow make the situation more enduring.

2. Do Your Absolute Best Job

It is of extreme importance that you put your optimum efforts into getting your job done.

It’s again correlated with the old saying by J. Paul Getty, “The employer generally gets the employees he deserves”.

You need to make sure that you are the type of worker you would like to employ for these services if you were the boss. Of course, it is completely opposite to your urges of taking your sweet revenge on your boss but those types of urges would hardly solve your problems now, would it?

Your efficiency in your job will divert your boss’s irritation to someone else, as they would not like to let one of their best employees leave them.

3. Learn Everything You Can From Your Boss

Life is all about learning from others and your own experiences. From a good boss, we can learn great management skills and techniques. On the other hand, from an unfair boss, we can learn how to be patient, transparent and not to act impulsively, just to give you an example.

Don’t just focus on your sufferings; learn everything from every situation life puts you into. Take conscious notes of your decisions and recognize what works and what doesn’t. Then adjust your thoughts and actions accordingly.

4. Let Go Of The Past

What happened in the past should remain in the past. Get over it.

Don’t be in a bad or depressing mood because something happened yesterday that you don’t like.  Instead, start each day with a more positive attitude and think that today something good will happen or today is going to be a better day than yesterday.

Sometimes our expectation of the worst coerces us to act accordingly. We sometimes, due to our irritation, subconsciously force a person to act the way we expect them to act. Holding a grudge for yesterday will only hurt you and fuel the fire. Therefore, it would be better if you let go of the past and start each day with a clean slate.

5. Take Matters In Your Own Hands

Nobody will help you out of your suffering.

Only you can.

If you are looking forward to getting rid of your troubles, you need to work for it yourself. Take action towards eradicating your problems from your life. Remember, complaining about it, or worrying about them to no end will only make the matters worse. Your worries will not solve your situations, only your actions can.

So take necessary and desired actions to solve your problems. You must remember about the old saying from the Roman Philosopher, Sallust, “Every man is the architect of his own fortune.” You can improve your situation only by making necessary efforts.

If you feel like you cannot endure it at work anymore, consider leaving your job and find a better one. Let go and move on. Your health and happiness are much more important than enduring stress and suffering to help enrich other people who will only send flowers to your funeral.

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