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AnxietyPanda Investigates! What are the different types of Anxiety?

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Last updated on November 29, 2019

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What are the different types of anxiety disorders?
Have you ever wondered?
Let’s investigate!

When you are suffering from anxiety, it is quite common and very understandable to feel that you may have lost the plot somewhere and are going slightly bonkers …
That’s merely because of the symptoms of the disorder.
They have a tendency to make you feel like you’ve lost control and they bring about many disturbing thoughts and feelings.
Just always remember that YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Anxiety disorders are extremely common and it is estimated that more than 10% of the world’s population is suffering from an anxiety disorder in some form or another during any given period of their life.

Anxiety disorders are diverse in the sense that some of them will have minimal impact on your life where others may be more severe and extreme and can cause quite a few episodes for you on a daily basis.
Sometimes you will feel like you can’t even leave the house due to your severe emotional AND physical pain you experience because of the strains that anxiety puts on the body.

Here are 5 types of anxiety disorders for you to learn about.

Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD)

Being the most common of anxiety disorders, GAD often makes one feel intense anxiety over things that would normally not cause a non-anxiety sufferer any distress or panic.

There were times when AnxietyPanda was sometimes worried to leave her cave to go to the panda-store to get her panda-products.
What if a human tried to hunt me?
Will the other pandas think my coat is looking dull today?
Do I have enough bamboo that I’m willing to let go of and exchange for what I need?
So many panda-worries!
In reality, AnxietyPanda is fierce and strong and will probably win most fights, a panda always looks good and there is more than enough bamboo to go around for everyone!
It’s like the anxiety puts AnxietyPanda into a different reality and has quite an impact on decision-making skills and memory too!
So debilitating … BUT with the correct mindset and help, you CAN learn how to control the anxiety to a point where you will be able to lead, what others consider to be, a “normal” life without limitations or fears.

GAD often goes hand in hand with other disorders like Social Anxiety and depression.

Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD)

It’s all in the name.
If you suffer from this disorder you have an irrational fear of social engagement and situations and it definitely has an effect on your personal, work and daily functions.
The disorder can also lead to, or go hand in hand with, agoraphobia and/or depression.

AnxietyPanda is often too scared to start a conversation with someone that she has been acquainted and friendly with for several months already. Even working in the fields every day causes intense fear for AnxietyPanda as she knows she has to converse with the other pandas in the field in order to get certain mandatory things done.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

This leg of anxiety is caused by any form of physical or emotional trauma.
It may also stem from being abused or even witnessing an act of violence.
Many war soldiers, for example, may suffer from PTSD.

The sufferer experiences flashbacks of the terrible event which may last from a few months to a few years.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

OCD is known as a disorder which causes you to perform a compulsive act in order to manage your fears.

The disorder is not only restricted to the fear of germs which results in someone washing their hands constantly.
It’s also that little ritual that you have to perform every time you walk through a doorway because you are scared that if you don’t, negative energy will follow you through it.
It doesn’t have to make sense.
It’s just a coping mechanism that the OCD sufferer believes should be done in order to ensure their safety.
Or, you could be having obsessive-compulsive negative thoughts directed towards yourself in the form of negative self-talk.
There are many variations of this one!

AnxietyPanda Tip! Deal with negative self-talk by making yourself aware of it! Every time you catch yourself bashing yourself, stop and think if you would say something like this to a parent or your best friend. Then try to put a positive angle on the statement and rather say that to yourself. Eventually, it will become second nature 😉

Panic Disorder (PD)

A panic disorder is a wild fear that brings on panic attacks.
Panic attacks feel almost like a combination of a heart attack and food poisoning.
You experience chest pains, sweating, an upset tummy, feelings of wooziness and not being really here, trembling and difficulty breathing!
Quite disturbing!
This could happen as little as once every few months, to as much as numerous times in one day.

Sufferers can have one panic attack a month or several a day, it depends on the severity of the case.

Don’t Let Anxiety Control Your Life

Anxiety can make you feel helpless, alone and vulnerable, but ALWAYS remember – YOU ARE NOT ALONE and your anxieties are treatable.
Seek therapy.
Sometimes, you will have no option but to be treated with medication, but in most cases, you should be able to utilize the many natural healing treatments that are also available.
These natural treatments may take longer to show results, but they certainly work just as good, if not better, than modern medicine. Take back control of your life, don’t let anxiety make things difficult.
If AnxietyPanda can do it, so can you!

Do you suffer from any anxiety disorders?
Have you ever wondered what are the different types of anxiety?

Please share your thoughts, advice or experiences with AnxietyPanda in the comments below!

Panda-love <3

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  1. Dave Dave

    Hallo there,

    I have been trying to identify the kind of anxiety disorder I suffer from so that I know how well to end it. And I have discovered that it is social anxiety disorder.

    What you have described here is everything that happens in my life. Do you think there is a natural home based way I can use to get rid of the anxiety?

    • AnxietyPanda AnxietyPanda

      Hiya, Dave! 

      AnxietyPanda is happy that you were able to identify the type of anxiety that you have. It will definitely assist you in taking action and finding the right treatment available for you! 

      Read AnxietyPanda’s post on 5 Natural Remedies for Anxiety and Stress, as a starting point for your self healing process. Please remember that you need to give at least 3 weeks time to start seeing results. If you feel that you are still not able to cope, please do consider working with a therapist!  AnxietyPanda undestands that as a social anxiety sufferer it is not always easy to speak to someone face to face, and especially a stranger! Online Therapy is also available, if that is the case for you!

      Please keep in touch and let us know about your progress! We care and always remember – YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

  2. SmileAfresh SmileAfresh

    Hi AnxietyPanda,
    What a nice article! I did know that there is anxiety- because it happens so often in my life- but I really didn’t know how to classify what type. Many thanks for helping out.
    Like you so rightfully put it, there’s no one that’s in this ALONE. Anxiety is everywhere. We derive it from known and unknown sources including pressure at work, debt, over expectations by the society, to name but a few. Even the past will sometimes cloud us up with anxiety.
    Is anxiety equal to bipolarity in life? Do all types of anxieties need counselling? Where do you recommend to look for help in Post traumatic anxiety, e’g’ in the event of a bad occurrence?
    Boniface from SmileAfresh

    • AnxietyPanda AnxietyPanda

      Howdy, Boniface from SmileAfresh 🙂

      Thank you for taking the time to comment and sharing your insights with AnxietyPanda! 

      To answer your questions: Although being bipolar and having anxiety falls into the same disorder category, they are two different disorders. The same as depression that is also separate from anxiety. Although a combination of any may be present in many circumstances, they can also surface on their own.

      AnxietyPanda suggests seeking counseling if your anxious thoughts and feelings start to interfere with your daily activities like if you are no longer capable or willing to do the things that you usually need to do.

      For counseling or therapy for PTSD, you can start with any therapist or counselor you feel comfortable with, and they will be able to determine if they need to refer you to a specialist or if they can work with you. You can also seek online therapy, should you wish.


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