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AnxietyPanda Reads ~ Self help books for Anxiety

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Anxiety, stress and their related conditions are really hard to deal with if you don’t quite understand what is happening to your body. By reading a few self-help books for anxiety here and there, AnxietyPanda has learned quite a lot of tips and tricks on accepting a situation for what it is and how to deal with everything. AnxietyPanda is sure you will find benefit from these self-help books for anxiety listed below!

Reading is not only entertaining for your mind but also very beneficial to your health. Reading on a regular basis have so many great benefits that even a non-reader might think twice after knowing what these benefits are. Benefits include a sharper mind, increased vocabulary, better writing skills, lower stress and depression symptoms, improved memory and focus, to name but a few. Selfdevelopment Secrets elaborates in this article, please do give it a read.

AnxietyPanda recommends the following reads to help with your anxiety:

THE HAPPINESS TRAP: How to Stop Struggling and Start Living – Russ Harris

AnxietyPanda used to live with undiagnosed anxiety issues for many years and would probably have had a complete breakdown had it not been for the comfort found in a variety self-help books for anxiety, or at least, those she had access to.

AnxietyPanda highly recommends the following self-help book and have achieved personal success by following the techniques introduced by the 8-week program. Learn how to accept your anxiety and commit to living in the present!

You will learn 6 core principles to apply to your daily life and manner of thinking and there are exercises and techniques to do and apply that will all help to assist you to become the person you want to be. These principles will help you fully understand the importance of not trying to focus on the fact that you need to be happy all the time because that is impossible and will only lead to disappointment which will make you unhappy… Learn to accept things and thoughts for what they are, embrace the present and get unstuck from falling into the Happiness Trap.

WOMEN WHO RUN WITH WOLVES: Myths and Stories of the Wild Woman Archetype – Clarissa Pinkola Estés

Here’s one for the sows and another of AnxietyPanda’s personal favorites!

Although not really classified as a self-help book, this book is so full of wisdom and guidance that it certainly counts as a self-help book in AnxietyPanda’s world.

Using myths, dream symbols and fairy tales to convey different aspects and struggles of the woman’s life, the book has changed the lives of many and has filled a gap where modern psychology just didn’t make the cut. You will learn to trust your intuition and embrace who you really are and wear your scars with pride and also how to practice acceptance of anything including death.


This book comes packed with skills for assessing and treating your anxiety effectively and is regularly used as a supplement to psychotherapy to help you develop a range of skills to ease distressing thoughts and worry and take back control of your own life.

The book contains worksheets which will assist you in gaining the necessary skills you need to manage your anxiety. It is regularly updated with the latest research and medications and is now already in its 6th edition.

If you’re suffering from panic disorders, agoraphobia, generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), worry, or fear, this book will become your go-to guide in no time. It’s been an essential resource for millions of others for over 30 years!

Furiously Happy: A Funny Book About Horrible Things – Jenny Lawson

Putting a lighter spin on anxiety, you will be guaranteed to have quite a few laugh-out-loud moments!

Again, not necessarily a self-help book, but laughter is also therapy and you don’t always need to read a book that teaches you how to deal with the problems that they think you have – whoever “they” may be.

The book is an extremely funny take on the author’s life living with mental illness and learning to accept and embrace herself.

HARDCORE SELF HELP: F**k Anxiety – Robert Duff

Although nothing new or mind-blowingly innovative is disclosed in this very honest and blunt self-help guide, its strength lies in the use of lay man’s terms for delivery of content instead of scientific jargon that bore and confuse you. Just the plain, blunt truth and the bare facts, cold and hard as they may be.

If you can handle the occasional swearing and blunt honesty, it is definitely NOT a boring read and may just be THE book you’ve been waiting for.

THE ANXIETY TOOLKIT: Strategies for Fine-Tuning Your Mind and Moving Past Your Stuck Points – Alice Boyes Ph.D

Learn about the causes of anxiety and effective methods and steps to decrease it.

Endorsed by Oprah Winfrey, this interactive book comes with fun quizzes, tips, and awesome tricks to help cement what you have learned and inspire you to take action and bring into practice what you have learned on a regular basis.

With a copy of this book, you’ll have all the tools you need to succeed in life.


You like to be on your own, you’re a people pleaser, noise is a terror, you need time to recharge, you are more emotional than others – sound familiar? You could be an HSP (Highly Sensitive Person).

The book comes with self-assessment tests to help you determine your particular sensitivities and then teaches you ways to rephrase your experiences in a positive light and gives you tips on how to deal with overstimulation and at what point it is time to seek professional help.

Truly educational and insightful read on being a Highly Sensitive Person.

“We read to know we’re not alone.” ~ William Nicholson, Shadowlands

AnxietyPanda hope you enjoyed these picks of self-help books for anxiety and fears. Read on, little cubs for “Books are the quietest and most constant of friends; they are the most accessible and wisest of counselors, and the most patient of teachers.” ~ Charles William Eliot.

Here is a fantastic resource for further reads on anxiety, called AADA books. If you need further support, Everyday Health has a handy page with links to many different resources and information you may need. If you seek help for your little cubs, perhaps take a look at There you will find resources relating to anxiety in adolescents and kids.

Let us know in the comments of any good reads you would like to recommend or share your own reviews of some of the books mentioned here.




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  1. Steve Steve

    Hello AnxietyPanda!
    Thank you for focusing on this problem with a self-help approach. I have known people that treat themselves with drugs and ultimately become worse off. I am curious if dealing effectively with anxiety could help clinical depression? Is there a link, or are those 2 separate things? Is there any hard clinical data about that?


    • AnxietyPanda AnxietyPanda

      Hiya, Steve!

      Thanks for your thought-provoking comment. AnxietyPanda agrees that drugs are bad and if you can be treated without them, with self help or psychotherapy, the better for you as it also will lessen the occurrence of a “relapse” back into negativity. However AnxietyPanda also knows that sometimes self help is just not enough and that there are certain cases that call for treatment with medication, or even a combination of both, and that’s okay. As long as you are okay.

      The link between anxiety and depression is very complicated as the symptoms are mostly overlapping. It’s sometimes difficult to know if you have one or the other or both, but it’s important to remember that they are two different disorders, and both must be treated separately even though treatment of the one will alleviate the symptoms of the other. It really does depend on many factors, including the severity of each.

      Here is an article from AnxietyPanda that might help clear things for you! 

  2. The book “Anxiety and Panic, How to reshape your anxious mind and brain” by Dr Harry Barry is an interesting read. The author includes advice about a 3 minute meditation technique which is very practical, along with a number of case studies on managing different types of stress and anxiety, that is very interesting. He also includes a lot of information about what is most likely happening in the background which also helps. A good read with good advice. I found writing notes of the different case studies and reframing them to my situation helpful. Helped me a lot however did not sort out my anxiety/stress 100%.

    • Hi David,
      Thank you for the recommendation! AnxietyPanda will be sure to check it out.
      Although there is no real cure for anxiety, a good book can help you cope with what you’re going through so much more 🙂

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