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Bach Rescue Remedy Product Review

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It’s never a nice experience to find our pets anxious or scared. It doesn’t matter if the cause is a mere trip to the vet – a really scary place for them – or bullying from a neighborhood pet, the fact remains that you want to do all you can to make your pet feel more comfortable and at ease.

Bach Rescue Remedy for Pets is one of the best natural, homeopathic alternatives available for your pet on the market today, combining 5 Bach flower essences to help your furry friend feel more relaxed and calm. This product is completely safe and alcohol-free.

Bach Rescue Remedy Pet, 20 ml

The 5 Essences and their Benefits

Star of Bethlehem – Ornithogalum umbellatum

This will help your pet release trauma, shock or abuse they may have experienced at any stage of their lives.

Rock Rose – Helianthemum

This is for situations like the dreaded vet visit, celebratory fireworks, and thunderstorms.

Cherry Plum – Prunus cerasifera

Helps for excessive scratching, barking or licking.

Impatiens – Impatiens gladulifera

As the name implies – this helps for impatience – whether it’s to go for a walk or have their meal.

Clematis – Clematis vitalba

This helps aloofness and will give your pet more energy.

Inactive Ingredients: 80% Vegetable Glycerin, 20% water

Direction: Add 2-4 drops of Rescue Remedy Pets in your pet’s drinking water.
You can also add a drop to a treat, on food or rub it on the paws or ears. AnxietyPanda recommends rubbing it on the ears or paws as it will also give you a chance to sneak in a little pet massage for your furry friend!

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Customer Reviews and Rating

Bach Rescue Remedy for Pets comes with a customer rating of 3.7 out of 5 stars on Amazon with 1692 customer reviews. This is as at the time of writing, please panda-bear this in mind.

The mixed reviews tell us that this product is either going to work for your pet, or not at all. It is interesting to note, though, that the weight that the positive comments bear, far outreached the weight of the negative feedback. The problem is that sometimes it takes time for a homeopathic medicine to take effect and you can’t expect results within a few days. Yes, some animals do respond immediately, but for others, it may take a little longer. There are many factors that can lead to this happening including the severity of their anxiety or their natural resistance.

Taking all the above into consideration, AnxietyPanda gives this product a Panda-rating of 4 out of 5 stars.

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Final Thoughts

Just like you, your pet can also become anxious or feel stressed for various reasons. You can help your pet relax and feel calmer with Bach Rescue Remedy for Pets, which is alcohol-free and completely safe for your pet.

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