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Posts published in “Sleep Problems”

What is good sleep hygiene? Are you a healthy sleeper?

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Think of sleep hygiene as a little ritual you will perform each night before bedtime. You can create your own based on your preferences and individual needs. Go through the motions religiously, every night, until it becomes a habit and you can do it on autopilot.

The Anxiety-Sleep Affair – How anxiety affects sleep

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Your anxious and stressed during the day and you can't sleep at night. You have all these thoughts running through your mind about what you should or could have done or said differently, you think about the argument you had with your colleague, or you worry about the bills that need to be paid tomorrow even though your salary is not reflecting in your bank account yet... Your brain has gone into overdrive, it is NOT ready to sleep yet, and it is vindictively making sure that you are aware of this.

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