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Celebrities And Anxiety Disorders – 14+ Celebs Who Share Your Anxiety

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Last updated on November 29, 2019

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Anxiety is a condition that can affect anyone.

It does not discriminate.

It isn’t partial.

Therefore, it is becoming much more common to hear about celebrities and anxiety disorders in the media these days.

This little monster can affect even the people you admire and envy for seemingly having the “perfect lives” (There is no such phenomenon as a perfect life, by the way).

Celebrities And Anxiety Disorders – Anxiety Can Affect Anyone

Here is a list of celebrities who have various types of anxiety disorders, yet continue to shine and advance in their respective careers.

Truly inspirational!

We start off with Ariana Grande, but be sure to click on the next page to see more celebs who also deal with anxiety.

Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande
Ariana Grande

This little lady only came out with her struggles with anxiety after she endured a few emotional traumas.

The 2017 Manchester concert terrorist attack, losing her ex-boyfriend, Mac Miller, to an overdose in September 2018, and then the breakup with her fiance, Pete Davidson, shortly thereafter in October 2018 is the biggest traumas she had to go through.

Boy, that’s truly a lot to deal with in such a short span of time!

The singer showed symptoms of panic attacks after the bombings. She reported moments of feeling alarmed, dizzy, struggling to breathe and chest tightness.

She has also tweeted about her symptoms of Depersonalization.

“Felt like I was floating for like 3 months last year & not in a nice way. like I outside my body?” ~ Ariana Grande

Ms. Grande has been battling with anxiety for quite a few years now but has never come forth with this information until much later in her career.

She states she just always assumed that that was how life was supposed to be and feel like.

She started seeing a therapist for the first time from about age 10, shortly after her parent’s divorce and are now back in therapy for the most recent happenings in her life.

“I never opened up about it, because I thought that was how life was supposed to feel.” ~ Ariana Grande

She sums this all up perfectly in this next statement:

“You have ups and downs and sometimes you’ll go weeks at a time where you will be crushing it and there will be no anxiety. Then something will happen that can trigger it and then you have a couple of down days.”

AnxietyPanda is thrilled that she is undergoing therapy and that it helps her to shift her focus from the trauma to the more positive things.

She even credits her recent therapy as the reason her latest album, Sweetener, sounds somewhat different from her past works.

Seeing as she is spending more time on herself, with her thoughts, and in therapy, the album has helped her tap into her emotions more.

Therapy has transferred into her music where she also occasionally refers to her condition and the voices singing in her head.

Source: Time Magazine; Rolling Stone

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  1. Rob S. Rob S.

    Anxiety is something I hear about all the time. Like most people I experience it myself.But my daughter is the one who has anxiety a lot and as you said it doesn’t discriminate.

    So it’s no wonder that a star such as Ariana Grande has had anxiety disorders. It’s important for folks with anxiety to try and work through their anxieties by getting help if they are having problems in dealing with it.

    It can be a scary thing and nobody wants to suffer through this.Anyone should learn from this article and seek help early on.Do you believe this can be controlled?

  2. Alice Alice

    I’m not surprised that even celebrities suffer from anxiety attacks because as you said, anxiety can affect anyone and there’s no such thing as a perfect life. I know several local celebrities who suffer from anxiety attacks from time to time. Also, a few of the people I work with have experienced it at some point in their lives  However, I believe that this is something we can overcome. We just need to identify what is causing us to have anxiety attacks and learn how to deal with them. 

  3. Jamiro Hazel Jamiro Hazel

    A lot of people suffer from  anxiety, it is a real disease that we often over look or create a stigma towards it. I like that you mentioned celebrities who suffered from anxiety this allows people to be more open to talk about the topic. I like the fact that on the website you mention ways in which people can deal with anxiety it is very important for people to have these tools. Thank you so much for sharing, really appreciate it.   

  4. cjciganotto cjciganotto


    Anxiety is the most common and universal of emotions, it can also affect anyone. 

    The singer that you mentioned suffered severe emotional traumas causing a pathological anxiety disorder. 

    These disorders are more bodily, forcing those who suffer from them to ask for medical help. 

    In recent years there has been very important progress in the treatment and understanding of anxiety disorders

    Thanks for sharing such a valuable article. 

    Greetings! Claudio

  5. Tsquare Tsquare

    Anxiety kills. Anxiety is not a respecter of anybody including any celebrity. The rich also cry. Anxiety and depression work together. It changes the way you think or relate with people. Sometimes you feel the whole world is against you. This is what lead some people to commit suicide. I’m happy Ariana spoke out. And she took the right step. Seeing a therapist. Staying around people that care and can help is the antidote to anxiety. 

    Your article is a great motivation. Great piece. 

  6. phranell86 phranell86

    I currently suffer from anxiety disorder. It’s a disease that can reduce the quality of one’s life. On a daily basis, I find it very challenging to participate in social activities which may seem ordinary to some others.Social Anxiety Disorder can be very challenging. Sometimes, I have chronic insomnia (sleeping less than 10 hours in a week) when I have a social function to attend. To read that even our famous celebrities suffer same anxiety disorders gives me a sigh of relief. If they can break free, so can I.

  7. Anusuya Anusuya

    We like to know about our favorite famous celebrities and if anything happens we know it. But i

    A sudden mishap can throw you in trauma and anxiety within no time. I have seen many in my life. Human is a slave of situations.

    This awesome singer, unfortunately, faced situations one after the other which dictated over her life.

    I am very glad to know she is with a therapist, opening up and finding time to spend with herself.

    A much happier life is reflected in her voice. I loved this heart touching music for the first time. May God bless this talented singer.

    One should always consider expert help in a situation like this.

  8. Melissa Melissa

    Hi Anxiety Panda, I’m always glad when celebrities who are going through struggles like anxiety and depression that they do come out and say it. It can have the amazing ability for their followers to know that they are not alone in their own anxiety, and that it can affect anyone. I’m glad that Arianna is getting treatment it sounds like she’s been through a lot.

    Celebrities are not immune, no one is immune. No one has the perfect life, despite what Instagram and Twitter might have us believe sometimes. We are all just humans. We might look different but we’re all made of the same stuff, and we all have issues that affect us. Anxiety does not discriminate! 

  9. Seun Afotanju Seun Afotanju

    This proves that anyone can be a victim of anxiety as it is no respecter of anyone, anxiety surely is a mental health disorder and it is brought by fear and worry, though anxiety is bad it also helps us to be alert and makes us ready for what ever comes our way , in other words are we going to say anxiety isn’t that bad after all?

  10. Sondra M Sondra M

    All to often, we find ourselves thinking that successful people don’t have problems.   Or that if we could only become successful at whatever it is that we are trying to do, that our problems would go away.    So, I appreciate your taking the time to remind us that everyone has problems.  This is even true for people that are very successful and talented like Ariana Grande.  

    She has such a beautiful voice.   I feel bad for her that she has to deal with her anxiety problems.   Yet, her willingness to admit to the problems is helping lots of other people see.  By looking at her as an example, we can see that we do not have to let our anxiety cripple us.   We can still be successful.  

  11. Michele Michele

    Hi Anxiety Panda – there are many people who can benefit from reading your article.  A lot of people have the perception that celebrities are perfect and don’t have any problems or issues.  It’s great that you have pointed out people that have anxiety disorders, and that they are successful and have been able to manage and live with it.  It’s comforting to know that there others feeling the same things that you do.  Your article can benefit a lot of people.

    Nice job,


  12. zuchii zuchii

    Life happens to us all alike,  the rich and the poor ,it is no respecter of person sometimes our only option is to be ready so that when it hits us hard we can remain strong.Shout out to all the people including the celebrities not letting anxiety and depression rule over them despite all the all the trauma and challenges they face in lif.  We have to keep moving on, there is no letting dow. 

  13. Lok Which Lok Which

    Ariana Grand is one of my favorite celebrities but I never knew she went through this. I agree with you on the fact that anxiety can affect anyone be it a celebrity or just anybody. This post is highly inspirational and I learn something from this “one can turn his trauma into something positive.

  14. Sujandar Mahesan Sujandar Mahesan

    Everyone experiences anxiety and stress in their life. We cannot blame anyone for it, that is how the human system is operating for years now. Especially nowadays in this fast moving world it has gone up. It was nice to know which celebrities had gone through the same issues as us, 

    Thank you for posting this. 

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