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Geopathic Stress – What It Is And How To Deal With It?

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Geopathic stress is the theory that implies that earth resonates with energy, in other words, it has a distorted and disrupted electromagnetic field with a frequency of approximately 7.83 Hz (Schumann resonance). And this frequency falls under the Representation of Earth's energy

range of (alpha) human brainwaves.

Though the theory is still yet to be proven scientifically, it is perceived that the resonant energy is considerably harmful to human health.

Problems occur when there are distortions like underground streams, water pipes, sewers, electricity, tunnels and mineral formations, underground railways, and geological faults. These all distort the natural energy of the Earth’s and therefore give rise to Geopathic stress.

Spending more time or even sleeping in a Geopathic stress zone can cause harmful effects on your health, well-being, and performance. Ill effects of Geopathic stress include depression, fatigue and sleep trouble for diabetes patients and even cancer patients.

Though there is probably no need to be worried about Geopathic stress, some people think that it is possible to locate and resolve the sources of Geopathic distortions.

What causes Geopathic Stress?

Natural frequency Earth’s magnetic field aka Schumann Resonance can be distorted or disrupted by underground water streams, underground caverns, geological fault lines, and certain mineral deposits such as coal, oil, and iron.

Apart from earth’s natural disruptions, man-made establishments like railways, embankments, motorway cuttings, quarries, bridges, mines, tunnels, and underground bankers can also cause Geopathic stress. Other sources of Geopathic stress are metal fence posts, steel pilings, road sign stakes, as well as buried gas, water mains, electricity, and sewers.

How to Protect Yourself from Geopathic Stress?

  1. Rearrange Your House: You may be unknowingly repetitively exposing yourself to Geopathic stress in your home. If you have sensed a potential stress zone, rearrange your furniture in order to avoid spending much time on that particular spot as much as you can. If the stress zone is too big for rearranging, then it is better to consider other options like using tools to neutralize the distortions or enhance your own energy field.
  2. Take Help of Feng Shui: The Chinese traditional art of Feng Shui perceived to study human interaction with their environment. Moreover, Feng Shui influences these interacting energies to work in your favor and improve your lives. It has also been thought that the earth’s resonance acts as a unifying force between Earth’s chi (actual) and Heaven’s chi (virtual). The Geopathic stress allows Feng Shui remedies to work considerably better.
  3. Place Metal Rods: Another popular method is to set-up metal rods at a stress zone in your house or anywhere else where you suspect there is Geopathic a distortion. These rods will neutralize or prevent the disruptions. For the effectiveness of this method, you must first verify the point of stress and be precise about the flow of earth lines. The rods can be of anything brass, copper or even steel. It is also believed that some other objects can also be used for the same purpose. Those objects can be crystals, leaves, flowers, or shells at the stress zone to resolve disturbance. This technique is also known as “earth acupuncture”.
  4. Make a Cork Barrier: It’s the old belief that oak trees inexplicably possess a resistance towards Geopathic stress naturally. Particularly, the bark of the cork tree is perceived to be an effective disturbance blocker. You can place a cork barrier under your bed or any other affected place to absorb the disruptions. But remember, it is not a permanent solution; the disturbance is still there and it needs to be resolved.
  5. Buy a Crystal: Buy a new-age crystal to protect yourself. People strongly believe that crystals possess some healing and protective qualities that also shield you from Geopathic stress. It is also believed that energy resonances in your own body and negative ions can change toxic energies into a positive one and increase your immunity. Quartz or Shungite crystals are the profound ones along with Amethyst, Zeolite, and Tourmaline. Just be sure to wear your crystal 24*7.
  6. Avoid Sources of Electromagnetic Pollution: Our lives are overcrowded with the sources of electromagnetic pollution like high tension power lines, electric poles, satellite towers, or circuit breakers all ejecting high and low-frequency energy that enhance Geopathic stress along with common everyday sources like cell phones, microwaves, and wireless routers. It is advisable to minimize your exposure to them and unplug them when not in use.

Though Geopathic Stress can easily be ignored if it bothers you try to dissipate its effects with the above-mentioned methods.

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