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Sundays Getting You Down? Here’s What You Should Do

Sunday is supposed to be a day of relaxation, but the sad reality is that many spend the day frantically catching up on chores and worrying about the upcoming workweek. Sunday anxiety – nicknamed the “Sunday Scaries” – affects 80% of professionals.

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Unique Ways To Conquer Your Sleep Anxiety

We all know that anxiety affects sleep, and vice versa. If you get a
poor night’s rest, it can bleed into the next few nights, creating
a tough cycle that is hard to break. It’s not easy being able to
conquer it, especially when you can’t sleep in and have to get up
at a certain time.

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How Individuals with Anxiety Can Survive the Holidays Without Stress | Guestpost By Amy Mason

The holiday season is here, and while for many it is a time of joy and wonder, it also can cause a lot of stress, especially to those who suffer from anxiety. Traveling to and from relatives, preparing massive holiday meals, and spending a great deal of money on gifts for family and friends can cause high blood pressure, headaches and tension.

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Fighting Insomnia with CBD Oil

Everyone craves for a good night’s sleep after a tiring day at work. Frequent lack of sleep is not just a cause of discomfort; there’s a severe drop in work efficiency with a steady rise in the number of health issues.

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Hemp For Calming Your Nerves – Find Out How

When anxiety is destroying your life, it can seem challenging to get a hold on to it. It can keep you at your wit’s end, searching for solace and peace. If you or anyone from your family is fighting a never-ending battle against anxiety, going the greenway can help you. In the last few years, cannabis or hemp is emerging as the right treatment for anxiety.

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