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How Aromatherapy & Essential Oils can help ease your Anxiety for Good!

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Last updated on November 29, 2019

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Essential Oil

Ah, the power of scent!
It helps you to incorporate aromatherapy into your life, bringing endless endless benefits and instant relaxation with it.
It is used by Spas and Beauty Salons as standalone treatments, but also alongside other relaxing treatments such as massages or body treatments and it provides a very positive effect to the minds, bodies, and spirits of their clients.

It is also known that aromatherapy can help ease stress and anxiety in your life.
You will find that many dentists- or doctors offices may often have the relaxing scent of lavender or other stress relieving scents lingering in their offices.
They have incorporated the use of the essential oils as part of making their patients feel more comfortable and less stressed about the whole visiting-the-doctor event.

Aromatherapy can be applied by use of Essential Oils, Diffusers, and even Candles!

15 Best Essential Oils for Anxiety

To de-stress and relax, look for the following types of essential oils:

Best Essential Oils for Anxiety


Bergamot oil is produced from the skin of the Bergamot fruit from the Citrus family.
It has a mood-enhancing and uplifting, fresh, citrus scent and its effectiveness towards easing anxiety have even been compared to modern medicine, Diazepam.
A study that was done on rats showed promising results towards proving this theory.


Cedarwood Essential Oil’s foresty, earthy aroma will be sure to relax you in an instant.
It negates feelings of angst and nervous tension so effectively, that it has become very popular in use with methods for stress relief and easing anxiety.


It’s not only the tea that will be beneficial for your anxiety and stress.
Inhaling Chamomile essential oil can really help calm your stress and anxiety levels and provide calming and sedative effects without affecting your motor skills.


Although studies on the effects of Cinnamon essential oil on anxiety are not conclusive, there have been findings that suggest that this oil may be beneficial towards easing your nerves and feelings of angst.

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This oil is most often used as a stress reliever and usually blended with other oils when used.
It’s great for your breathing and even lowers your blood pressure.


Geranium oil has a lovely, flowery scent that is calming and uplifting.
Studies have shown that its properties help to regulate your nervous system effectively.
Definitely an AnxietyPanda favorite!


This is by far the most popular of the essential oils to use for relaxation and also offers the most variety of products available on the market.
Lavender’s effectiveness has been compared to the modern medicine Lorazepam (for the treatment of anxiety) but without the side-effects!


Marjoram oil can ease muscle tension and is thought to alleviate nervousness and anxiety as well.
It is also one of the safest essential oils available to use and is often used in massage therapy.
It is a calming herb and the scent makes you feel warm, relaxed, and tension free.


Like Bergamot, Neroli is also from the Citrus family and is also known as Orange Blossom Essential Oil. Its therapeutic properties help eliminate any signs of anxiety or nervousness you may be experiencing almost instantaneously by simply applying a few drops of this oil to the nape of your neck or to your temples.


It has the fresh smell of wet, forest earth and for some, maybe an acquired scent to get used to.
It acts as a sedative, helping you to relax at the end of a long, trying day.


Although this oil is more commonly known for its antibacterial and antiviral properties, it will also help to alleviate both your anxiety and depression symptoms with its fresh, minty aroma.


Very few scents can compare with the delicately sweet fragrance of the Rose.
Rose oil and Rosewater are used for anything from cooking to perfume to healing and even relief from grief, by acting as an anti-depressant and providing a boost in your mental strength.

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Clary Sage oil can greatly diminish your anxiety or depression symptoms as the oil promotes an increase in your serotonin and lowers your cortisol levels.
As a result, you will feel less stress and your moods will become more stable.


Often burned in ancient, religious ceremonies, Sandalwood is thought to increase spirituality and inner peace and will alleviate depression and feelings of restlessness.

Ylang Ylang

Ylang Ylang has so many benefits including having a calming effect on your body, lowering your blood pressure and heart rate and reducing inflammation.
It actively fights depression and helps to drive away anxiety and stress.

Aromatherapy Recipes and Applications – Ease Stress and Anxiety in your Life

Essential Oil Combinations for Anxiety & Stress Relief

Equal parts:

* Marjoram

* Neroli (orange blossom)

* Bergamot


* Lavender – 3 parts

* Bergamot – 2 parts

* Sandalwood -1 part

AnxietyPanda Note: Essential oils can be purchased both online and in a good deal of health food stores. They’re not to be ingested but rather inhaled. You can place them in a diffuser, on pressure points on your body or you can mix them in a separate jar or container and inhale when you need to distress. You can also purchase many “Anti-anxiety “or “Stress Reduction” blends already combined. Always be careful as many suppliers may not provide you with the real deal. Check for the 100% essential oil disclaimer.

Flower Essences

DIY Bath oil for Ultimate Relaxation

* 2 drops Geranium

* 2 drops Lavender

* 2 drops Sandalwood

Lavender alone is known for its relaxation properties.
You can purchase a container of dead sea salts or unscented bath salts and add 25-40 drops of essential oil to the salts.
Shake to coat the salts with the oil.
When you’re ready to take a hot bath, add about ¼ to a ½ cup of bath salts to running water and enjoy.

Other Aromatherapy Applications

In this modern age, Aromatherapy can also be applied by the use of candles, diffusers, and nebulizers. These are becoming available in more and more stores as the use of Aromatherapy is starting to rise in popularity.

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There is no doubt that Aromatherapy definitely contributes toward relieving stress and anxiety.
It is advised to apply at most an hour of Aromatherapy per day.
By working it into your daily routine you’ll be sure to reap the optimal benefits in a jiffy.
One can never go wrong by going natural.

AnxietyPanda Warning! Always consult with your healthcare practitioner before stopping or substituting any medication or treatments you may already be on for the use of Aromatherapy. Although it is 100% safe and natural, not every person responds the same to the effects of the different oils and it is best to consult with a professional on this matter than blindly following the thoughts of an anxious panda.

What is your favorite method of aromatherapy?
Do you have any stress relieving recipes to share with us?
What fragrance provides you the most joy?
Let us know in the comments!
AnxietyPanda is eager to hear your thoughts!

Panda-love <3

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  1. rmjia rmjia

    I used to go for massages with Lavender essential oils. It is very relaxing and calming. I did not try the other essential oils as I was not sure if the effect would be as good as lavender. I have ever thought of having essential oils at home but I have heard that it is not good to be inhaled by kids. Is it true?

    • AnxietyPanda AnxietyPanda

      Hi rmjia,

      Thanks for your comment and great question!

      Lavender is certainly a favorite of many for relaxation. Do try out some of the others on our list. We are sure there are a few, or a combination of a few, that will please your senses.

      In answer to your question:

      Because children are sensitive and their little immune systems have not yet been fully developed, there are many essential oils that may cause adverse effects in children. These vary depending on their age range. Generally, don’t use essential oils with children under 10, however if you want a comprehensive list of which oils to avoid at which age, click here 🙂

  2. lilywong lilywong

    I love using essential oils and I am surprised that it helps with anxiety too! I have always found certain oils calming like bergamot and chamomile. But peppermint can be overstimulating at times. The list of oils and their anti-anxiety benefits are really useful. Can we mix the oils? Thanks for sharing this!

    • AnxietyPanda AnxietyPanda

      Hi there! 

      Every type of essential oil can have slightly different effects on different people, so don’t worry that Peppermint is overstimulating for you. Just stick to the ones that bring out the calm in you 🙂 

      Yes, the oils can be mixed depending on what you want to achieve from the results 🙂 There are many free recipes available online, like these at Aromatherapy 


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