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It’s International Read In The Bathtub Day!

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Happy read in the bathtub day, fellow anxiety pandas!
You read that right! Every February 9th is International Read in The Bathtub Day and AnxietyPanda thinks you deserve a bit of relaxation and comfort today.

Reading is a great way to relax, unwind, and take your mind off your daily stresses or worries. And what better way to complete relaxation than reading in the bathtub! 
Let’s take full advantage of Read in the Bathtub Day – Here are steps to follow to ensure a great experience:

  1. Run a hot, bubbly bath – use your favorite bubblebath, bath oils, or bath bombs.
  2. Light some candles and place around the bathroom. Make sure you have enough to provide sufficient light for reading. If you have a small, clip-on reading light, that would be perfect if your candles are not bright enough.
  3. Get your favorite glass of wine, or beverage of choice.
  4. Get your favorite book from the shelf
  5. Use a little side table and place it next to your bathtube. This will provide a surface for both your beverage and your book while you are busy entering or exiting the tub.
  6. Don’t forget your bath cushion!
  7. Enter the bath, take a sip from your drink, start reading, and relax….
  8. Relish in the ultimate relaxation experience.                                        

If you’re in need of some good books to read for anxiety or to simply make you forget about your anxiety, below is a list of books which may tickle your fancy. Feel free to also comment on your favorite books to read or add any to the list by leaving us a comment. (This list will not contain any workbooks or selfhelp books. AnxietyPanda wants you to really relax and escape.)

Awayland by Ramona Ausubel

Awayland is a collection of 11 short stories to take your mind off your worries. Whimsically inventive and quircky, you will come across topics such as love, family and relationships, on the female body, pregnancy and motherhood.

Breakfast with Buddha by Roland Merullo

A brother and sister has to travel cross-country to settle the matters of their parents estate. His sister somehow manages to convince him to take her guru along for the ride.
The interaction and conversations between the brother and the guru is refreshingly witty and enlightening at the same time. Come along for the journey of one man’s road to self-discovery.

Drinking at the Movies by Julia Wertz

This is a simply hillarious graphical memoir of the author, Julia Wertz, and documents a year of upheaval in her life when she moved to New York City. 

“Box by box, Wertz chronicles four sketchy apartments, seven terrible jobs, family drama, traveling fiascos, and too many whiskey bottles to count.” ~ Goodreads review

Furiously Happy: A Funny Book About Horrible Things by Jenny Lawson

Another humorous memoir, this time the author details her struggles (some tragic, some hillarious) with depression and  other mental conditions. Learn how Jenny found the key to live her life to the fullest, regardless of her conditions.

Girl, Interrupted by Susanna Kaysen

This book follows the authors experiences in a 1960’s psychiatric hospital. She was committed after her apparent attempted suicide by pill overdose and diagnosed with bi-polar disorder. She spent two years at the facility and met a lot of interesting patients and staff members.

Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor E. Frankl

The book tells of the authors experiences in a Nazi concentration camp during World War II. He also shares the psychotherapeutic method he used to help him get through the trauma.
His experiences in the camp has helped him learn much about man and the psyche, all of which he shares here. 
Experience a concentration camp from the mind of a prisoner.

Monkey Mind: A Memoir on Anxiety by Daniel Smith

A first-person narrative documenting the authors anxiety-filled life and how the disorder is affecting his life in both major and minor ways. Well witted humor and tragedy balances each other out evenly and the author genuinely gives a voice to what it feels like to live with generalized anxiety disorder.

Parable of the Sower by Octavia E. Butler

This is a SciFi novel set in the 2020’s (not so far away anymore!)
Society has collapsed due to climate change, inequality, and greed (sounds familiar?).
Follow the story of a young girl who has the ability to feel the sensations that she sees. She develops a belief system she calls Earthseed and she believes that human kind’s destiny is to live beyond earth and on other planets. Earthseed is her preparation for this destiny. 
Read how she gains followers on her journey and eventually founds the first Earthseed community.

The Kiss Quotient by Helen Hoang

A romantic novel that will stay with you for a while. Follow a young woman with Asperger’s quest for love. She is more interested in maths than kissing, which she doesn’t like and have very little experience with men. 
She hires a male escort to “practise” with and ends up in a steamy relationship that completely changes her outlook on love.

The World of Blandings by P.G. Wodehouse

This is an entertaining omnibus revolving around the prized pig and other staff and inhabitants of the Blandings Castle.
With some truely quircky and funny interactions and everyday happenings, this book is sure to bring you hours of entertainment on end.

Tiny Beautiful Things: Advice on Love and Life from Dear Sugar by Cheryl Strayed

This is a collection of essays compiled from the author’s anonymous advice column which she had in The Rumpus online literary magazine. The book also includes some of her never before published columns and offers valuable advice on anything from cheating lovers to paying the bills to mustering up enough courage to live your dream.

Turtles All the Way Down by John Green

Take a look at the mind of a 16 year old suffering from obsessive compulsive disorder. Learn about her inner struggles and how she learns to overcome them. The author, having suffered from OCD himself, really delves deep into the mind of the main character, Aza. You will be sure to take away many great lessons from this book.


What books are you reading for International Read in the Bathtub Day?
Share with us in the comments! 

Relax in the tub with your favorite book
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