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New Research Determines New Cause for Restless Leg Syndrome!

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A recent study published on 14 November 2018 in the Journal of Physiology, has brought to light new information that will help towards the treatment of Restless Leg Syndrome.
Yes! There is new hope for those of you who are unable to get a proper night’s rest due to this conditions’ sleep depriving symptoms.

Restless Leg Syndrome is an Anxiety-related condition. The symptoms are mostly experienced at night, causing the sufferer to lose out on valuable sleep. Symptoms experienced include crawling and tingling sensations, involuntary leg or arm movements, or burning and cramping sensations in the limbs.

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Now, back to the study!

The Gist of It

An excerpt from Neuroscience News reads as follow:

“Until now it was thought that RLS is caused by genetic, metabolic and central nervous system mechanisms. For the first time the researchers show that, in fact, it is not only the central nervous system but also the nerve cells targeting the muscles themselves that are responsible.” – Breakthrough in Treatment for Restless Leg Syndrome,

Isn’t it exciting?
Anybody suffering from RLS will tell you that it’s no fun ride.
Up until recently, studies and knowledge around the condition have been vague. The recent spurt in breakthroughs achieved by increased studies around the topic has given hope to the many suffering from this unpleasant condition.

Going Forward

Testing on new ion-blocking medications is undergoing. It is hoped to be used as a way to block the essential ions that nerve cells need for effective communication with one another.

Different medications will be tested in order to investigate their effects on the patients and on RLS itself.

  • Do you know of any other recent breakthroughs for Restless Leg Syndrome?

  • What do you think about this recent breakthrough?

  • Share your thoughts with us in the comments!


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