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Pet Anxiety Treatments – Natural Anxiety Treatments for Stressed Cats

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Last updated on November 29, 2019

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Did you know that, just like you, your pet can also suffer from stress or anxiety?

Naturally, we as pet-parents would want to do anything in our power to assist our furry friends in their times of need, but pet anxiety can show its face in many forms and it is not always immediately detectable, especially in cats.

If you’ve had your pet for a few years you will probably know when something is “off” with their behavior, but if they are a new addition to the family, you may not be familiar with their ways and you need to look out for signs like urinating or defecating outside the litter box, scratching, hissing, hiding or general skittishness. If you notice your kitty displaying any of these symptoms, you can try some of the following natural anxiety treatments to help them cope.

AnxietyPanda Warning! Always consult with your veterinarian before implementing any of these treatments. This will immediately rule out or identify, sickness or injury, which may be an underlying cause for the anxiety if brought on suddenly.


* Chamomile – The dried flower, not the tea.

* Hops – Again, the dried flower, not the brew!

* Valerian and Catnip – Although contra-intuitive, after the initial 30 minutes of excitement, relaxation of note will follow.

Flower Essences & Pheromones

Flower Essences are mostly administered in the form of Rescue Remedies. There are many available on the market, of which the best, and most common, is Bach Rescue Remedy.

Pheromones are the substance that your kitty leave on things as she rubs herself against you or other furniture and is usually used to mark territory.
Feliway is a mixture of the synthetic versions of face pheromones and can be purchased as a spray or as a plug-in diffuser.

Regular Playtime

The importance of daily playtime for your kitty can’t be stressed enough!
It allows them to engage their minds and fall into their natural predator state which allows them to embrace their natural hunting instincts.
On top of the emotional benefits, the exercise will ensure that their bodies stay healthy and agile.

Do you want to know what the best part of regular playtime is?
Not only is it fun for both you and kitty, but the bond between the two of you will strengthen and you will be able to connect with your pet on a much deeper level.

Kitty Massage


Another bond-strengthening technique, your kitty will receive as much pleasure and benefit from receiving a massage as you would.
Try to be in a calm state yourself before starting the massage as your cat will pick up on your energies. Stroke kitty until they are relaxed and then gently start to massage from the shoulders all the way down the spine to the tail.
You can even attempt to lightly massage around the ears, corners of the mouth and – if tolerated – the paws.


Never underestimate the power of music!
Play calm and relaxing music for your kitty when they’re alone or under stress.
There are many free playlists available on YouTube – Click Here – Studies have found that classical music works best, and especially the sound of strings and violin specifically, will resonate beautifully with kitty and put her/him in a very calm and relaxing state.

Do you have an anxious kitty? Let us know in the comments if you have any advice or share your thoughts on any of the methods listed above! Do you have any methods to add?

Panda-love <3

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  1. thanks for sharing this informative article. As a pet animal lover, this resource is helpful for the pooch to raise up properly.

  2. Karen Karen

    Great article about how to reduce stress in cats. The tip about ensuring your cat has plenty of playtime is important and I see the same applies to dogs. – A well exercised pet is generally a much happier pet who is nicer to be around. We often think of our cats as self sufficient beings, but your article is a timely reminder that we need to give our pets regular interaction for their health and wellbeing. Thanks for sharing. Cheers, Karen

    • AnxietyPanda AnxietyPanda

      Thanks for stopping by, Karen! There’s very few things that beat quality playtime with your pets. After all, they are part of your family. Many people look at their pets as objects, that is so frustrating and infuriating!

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