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Pets And Stress Relief – 6 Ways Your Pet Helps You With Stress Relief

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Everyone is combating stress in their daily lives.

This fast-paced world with job and family responsibilities, juggling for project’s deadlines, and paying bills are but a few examples of sources of stress in our everyday lives.

There are many methods for stress relief and all are effective – Yoga, exercise, meditation, proper nutrition, social support and connection, etc.

Silhouette of Pet

One of the most effective stress relief therapies out there is simply spending quality time with your pets.

Yes, the cute little fluffy companion that greets you at your door after coming back from a hectic and stress-full day at work. Experts say that there is nothing better in this world than the unconditional affection you receive from your pet.

Just think about it: They can be your best friends, you can confide anything with them and they will listen to you without questioning and without judgment.

They will be your companion in your loneliness, keep your secrets, and snuggle with you at times you need comfort. Maybe you will just enjoy each other’s company in comfortable silence.

Pets act as an antidote for your loneliness. They are always ecstatic to see you, quietly listen to your complaints and offer their comfort in the friendliest and most loving manner.

In What Ways Do Pets Help In Stress Relief?

1. Health Benefits

Studies proved that petting a cat or a dog or simply looking at them fondly or being in their presence, all are directly correlated with lower blood pressure and heart rates. People who possess a pet have a lower blood pressure than people who didn’t have pets.

Furthermore, studies show that petting and playing with your pets will also lower any stress-related hormones and enhance the release of the feel-good oxytocin, serotonin, and dopamine in both your and your pet’s body. Win-win.

2. You Will Experience Enhanced Moods

For animal lovers, it is quite impossible to pursue a gloomy mood when you gaze into the lovely, innocent eyes of your pet or when they rub themselves against you with their soft fur. They are just wonderful mood-enhancing creatures who effectively pull you out of your depressing state just by their mere presence.

3. They Encourage You To Exercise

Do you like to take a stroll with your dog? Yes, this little stroll helps you in filling up your quota of much-needed daily exercise. And as you know exercise is one of the great stress-relieving activities, your pets will help you to gain your health back. Thus taking your pets for a walk will help you put your stress levels under check.

4. They Help Better Your Social Life

Taking your pet for a walk will also encourage you to be more social. It will make you more approachable to strike up small talk or conversations with your friends, neighbors and even with strangers. Therefore, it will increase your social network and allow you to have more friends – which is a stress buster itself.

5. Never Be Lonely!

Pets offer you support and love in a way no human can. Like we mentioned earlier, they love you unconditionally, listen to your complaints in silence, offer their companionship in comfortable silence, keep your secrets and snuggle with you at the time of need. Therefore, they are one of the best cures for your loneliness.

6. Minimize Stress-Causing Symptoms

In one study it was found that patients, who were exposed to fish in an aquarium before their surgery, experienced a certain level of calmness before surgery as compared to the patients who were not. Their calmness were measured by their behavior, blood pressure, and muscle relaxation.

Overall pets encourage you to adopt healthy lifestyle changes that will help you to dodge depression, reduce stress, anxiety or any other mental disorder.

Do you have pets? If you do, do they help you to relax? Share your pet experiences with us in the comment section, we love to hear from you!

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