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Rocabi Weighted Blanket For Anxiety Product Review

AnxietyPanda 32
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Adult weighted blanket

AnxietyPanda likes to sleep almost as much as she likes eating bamboo…
In fact, AnxietyPanda spends almost half her day frolicking in dreamland!
If only she knew about the Rocabi weighted blanket for anxiety sooner!

Because of its weight, your brain is tricked into believing that you are being hugged or touched by another person and this causes a release of serotonin and other feel-good chemicals that help soothe and ease your anxiety. All with the touch of a blanket – neat!

A weighted blanket will also help you fall into a deeper, more restful sleep.
It would’ve saved a panda many restless nights had she known about it sooner …

20 lbs | Premium Weighted Blanket For Adults by rocabi | 60 x 80″ | Removable Cover | Soft Minky | XL Queen | Natural Sleep Aid | Sensory Blanket | Washable Cover | Reduce Anxiety | Low Tech

Why Use This Weighted Blanket for Your Anxiety?

You are assured of a restful night’s sleep with a Rocabi blanket. There are no two ways about it.

The blankets are made from materials of the highest quality and standards and the weight and softness will bring you instant comfort.
See them as an excellent substitution for sleeping pills!

Did you know – using a weighted blanket simulates Deep Touch Pressure therapy! Read more about it here.

The blanket consists of an inner, weighted shell that is weighted by non-toxic poly pellets (glass beads) that are sewn into pockets of the blanket for even weight distribution. There is also a soft, minky microfiber outer cover, sold separately, bringing you the ultimate panda-indulgement experience.

Rocabi Weighted Blanket for Anxiety

It is quick and easy to assemble and there are ribbons on the corners of both the inner blanket and outer cover so that you can tie the two together to ensure that they stay in unison with one another.

It is recommended that a weighted blanket should weigh about 10 – 12% of your body weight, and Rocabi offers 3 different weights to cover most body types.
Their blankets come in 15,20 & 25lbs weights to cover body weights from 100-250lbs!

Please do remember that this blanket is not suitable for the cubs. This one is strictly for adult pandas.

Easy to Care For

Both the blanket and the minky cover are machine washable, using a cold wash cycle.
This means you won’t have to waste countless trips and extra money to have it dry-cleaned.

You will need to wash the two parts separately and on a delicate, cold cycle with low spin.

It is recommended to not wash the inner blanket as much, but the outer cover can be washed on a more regular basis. You’ll always have a fresh-smelling blanky!

Don’t wash the cover inside-out and try not to tumble dry the blanket or the cover. Please allow them to air-dry instead.

Features and Specifications

  • The blanket has dimensions of 60 x 80 x 0.8 inches and comes in weights of 15,20 or 25lbs – perfect for most adult body weights!
  • The inner blanket is weighted with non-toxic pellets and is made of 100% breathable cotton and the minky outer cover is made of 100% polyester microfibers and is really soft and luxurious to the touch.


Customer Reviews and Ratings

The Rocabi Weighted Blanket comes with fairly high ratings overall.

Most of the customer reviews are very positive. Some raised concerns about the stitching and other minor defects.

Here are some screenshots of reviews taken from the website:

Weighted Blanket Reviews

To read more reviews, follow THIS LINK 🙂

To top everything off, Rocabi offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on all their blankets. The only downside is that you will be liable for the return shipping.

Considering all the above, AnxietyPanda is still very happy in giving it a Panda rating of 5 out of 5! Mainly because the idea is ingenious and a must-have for all anxiety or insomnia sufferers.

Final Thoughts on the Rocabi Weighted Blanket

The benefits of having a weighted blanket for anxiety far exceeds any silly old sleeping pill!

Your body will be pumped with feel-good chemicals from the hugging simulation your brain will experience because of the weight of the blanket. Seratonin to make you feel good and Melatonin to make you sleepy.

Weighted blankets have been used in treatments for anxiety, PTSD, ADHD and sleep disorders with much success and will truly be an asset to add to your anxiety-busting toolkit.

Get your Rocabi weighted blanket now 🙂

Sweet dreams…

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  1. Kuu Kuu

    My auntie has being suffering with depressions and anxieties for the last few months. And this has really affected her sleep badly. She is having a hard time sleeping and keep getting nightmares. But coming across your post about Rocabi Weighted Blanket, it’s seems this might be the solution. I am going to recommend her to check this product out and see if it benefit her. Thanks for suggesting this product. 

  2. Vanna Denham Vanna Denham

    Sorry I was leaving a reply and got distracted so I don’t know if I sent it. I hope this is not a duplication.

    This information couldn’t have come at a better time. I can think of a lot of ways to use the weighted blanket. But the first person on my list to receive it will be my best friend. She has fibromyalgia and when the weather gets cold her condition can be very painful. The weighted blanket is just what she need to help her sleep better at night.

    Thank you so much for this very useful post and happy holidays!

  3. Alice Alice

    A blanket that helps with anxiety? That’s just great! I may not need a blanket for anxiety but I believe this Rocabi weighted blanket could very well serve as a comfort blanket and warmer especially during the cold season. And also to give me a goodnight sleep every night. There are times when I find it hard to sleep or I suddenly get awakened at night and find it difficult to get back to sleep. I hope this weighted blanket is the solution to my sleepless nights.

    Thank you for this information.

  4. tommmm112 tommmm112

    The rocabi blanket sounds like a winner! I like the idea of many hugs, smooth release and sound sleep – all together.

    Stress and anxiety are tough nuts to crack and it’s always good to hear about relief from them. I do some yoga practice and that’s a big help for stress and anxiety, but just sitting or lying with a loving blanket sounds too good to pass up.

    Thanks for sharing this and I plan to look into one more, whenever I get around to it. The benefits do make it sound attractive.

  5. Desa Desa

    I am totally adding this to my gift ideas list this Christmas! I know so many people who suffer from chronic anxiety and this could be just one more tool to help. Heck, it has me thinking I could use it too just for the sheer pleasure of it.

    Thank you for this complete and beautifully informative product post.

    Take Care,


  6. Mary Mary

    Thanks for sharing this product, I have not heard of this before but I think it would be very useful for my son. Its always important to know what other customers have thought of a product before purchase and I can see that The Rocabi Weighted Blanket has some great review and yes some high ratings too.

    Any material article, such as clothing blankets and linens will all have a specific lifespan from washing and use, but this looks to be fairly good quality as well. Your post included the care instructions and I can see that its easy to take care of as well. I also have a few friends who might be interested in this and I will pass on your article to them. Thanks for sharing this product information, Mary

  7. Michele Michele

    I have just recently been informed about weighted blankets as my niece uses one to help her sleep.  I found your review of the Rocabi weighted blanket very informative and very interesting.   I previously did not understand all of the benefits of a weighted blanket.

    Nice job on this review,


  8. Fredery Fredery

    Sometimes it is really hard for me to go to bed. So many problems, stress, what a mess adulthood can be sometimes. I usually feel better when I exercise, but the feeling of realised does not last enough and when I go to sleep, it takes me a long time to sleep. 

    I will follow your recommendation and buy this rocabi blanket and see what happens!

  9. John John

    This is really a fantastic idea!

    I mean, we swaddle babies so they get that soothing pressure all around their bodies and, you may not know about this, but they make something called a thunder vest for dogs which you put on your dog that worries about thunder during a storm. You tighten it up and it helps keep the dog calm when the thunder comes.

    It only makes sense we’d have something for grown up people!

    The is a very thorough review of a product that I know will have a place of distinction under my nightstand!

    Thank you for telling me about this!

  10. Dave Dave

    I don’t suffer from anxiety per say, but I would try it if it could get me a better night’s rest. It does look comfortable. I’d also probably go for the lightest weight. I remember when my cat would crawl onto my chest when I was about to sleep. I did find it a bit uncomfortable. So maybe the lighter one is better for me.

  11. Alisha Alisha

    I enjoyed this article. A very cool concept with this anxiety blanket, I absolutely believe the science behind it, in the same way that a Thunder Shirt for dogs hug them and helps decrease anxiety during storms. The thought and “construction” that went into this blows my mind. Have you personally used one?

    • AnxietyPanda AnxietyPanda

      AnxietyPanda loves to curl up underneath her weighted blanket while relaxing in her cave. Absolute bliss. It really does feel like a warm hug.
      Best present she ever got!

  12. My father in law could use this blanket. As well as my husband. My husband likes feeling the weight of covers on him. This is weighted, maybe he’d like it.
    Thank you for the information!

  13. Christian Christian

    I didn’t even know that these existed! Thanks for the info, I really need to check one out. Do you know if there is anywhere I could go to try one out and actually feel them? Thanks!

  14. Oloyede3 Oloyede3

    I would love to get one of those blanket, especially right now. I think the blanket must have low center of gravity which makes it to be easier to sleep under it and breathing comfortably without feeling the pressure it exert on the body. And making the person using the blanket to feel as been touched. But I hope the blanket does not cause irritation, because the materials used for these types of blanket may cause allergic reactions.

    • AnxietyPanda AnxietyPanda

      Hi there,

      AnxietyPanda thinks you’ll be happy to hear that the Rocabi Weighted Blankets are 100% Hypoallergenic, Odorless, Eco-Friendly, and has Non-toxic Glass Beads. 🙂 So you don’t have to worry about any allergic reactions 🙂

  15. Barry Bullard Barry Bullard

    My business partner’s wife struggles with anxiety and i’ve been searching for something to help her for days.  I wish i came across this post sooner!

    I never knew that a weighted blanket could help with anxiety.  After your awesome explanation it makes perfect sense.

    Will definitely check out rocabi right away!

    Thank you!

  16. I read about weighted blankets a few days ago but I never knew they would benefit those with anxiety! Love the idea, I think it should help with those who wake up several times a night, definitely worth trying, thank you for the detailed information!

  17. Florin Lazar Florin Lazar

    My son has one of these weighted blankets and it calms his right down.
    Sometimes he even brings it in the living room whilst watching TV and when I ask him why he does it, he says that this blanket is his new teddy bear.

    Whoever invented these was a genius.

  18. Philip Philip

    Hi Anxiety Panda,

    I can’t believe there is a blanket that hugs you back while you try and sleep. And it helps you sleep because of how it makes you feel when we are getting a real hug. This is pure genius and certainly I can see how it would help make us feel really relaxed and good as we try to sleep.

    I will consider the Rocabi Weighted Blanket for the reduction of anxiety while trying to sleep.

  19. mark kabakov mark kabakov

    Hello! I get great pleasure from studying your wellness topics. I was surprised by the possibility of simply buying a soothing blanket. 

    Your article contains all the information and explanations on this topic. Some moments have interested me. I will share that extensive tactile touches give rise to a mechanism of deep tangential pressure (DTP). DTP increases the secretion of serotonin – a chemical in the brain. 

    Serotonin regulates emotions and reduces activity in the nervous system. Serotonin production is essential for releasing melatonin, a sleep hormone that helps determine when we go to bed and wake up, based on our circadian rhythm. This means that we will fall asleep faster; reduce anxiety; we fall into a deep sleep; and move less during the night. When it comes to sleep, a weighted blanket can help increase the body’s serotonin with DTP.

    I appreciate your professional information in each article and thank you for the opportunity to see them. Thank. Mark

    • AnxietyPanda AnxietyPanda

      Hi Mark,

      Thank you so much for your thorough and informative comment! Everything you say is spot-on! 

      AnxietyPanda is happy you are enjoying her articles!

      Take care

  20. Jay Jay

    Having a good night sleep is really important. Apart from the health reasons, it can have set the tone on how you go through the activities of the next day. 

    Making use of a blanket is like warm hugs on our bodies. The way they mold on our bodies provides a sought of pressure that helps us relax making us more comfortable.

    These are all true for weighted blankets and they are really good for those that want to try a sought of non drug therapy that is safe and effective.

  21. Barry Barry

    Hi there. Thank you for sharing this product review of Rocabi Weighted Blanket For Anxiety. Hmmm… Haven’t heard much information about weighted blanket for anxiety before now. I have come across CBD Oil for anxiety. I think this weighted blanket is more better. It’s better to be pumped with feel good chemicals naturally.


  22. Sylvia Sylvia

    I don’t want to miss my weighted blanket anymore. A friend of mine has given me this blanket as a gift, almost a year ago.

    I was in a, not so good, state of mind, back then, and what can I say, it really helped me to release all of my emotional tension and I also got back my good night sleep.

    I really can confirm the content of your article. 

    In my opinion it is a must have.

    Thank you for sharing.

  23. Shy Shy

    I have heard about the weighted blanket just recently, while looking at some online stores.  I have never tried one. It sounds like a great idea, but if it is so comfy and wonderful how would we ever get out of bed?  You would just want to stay in your wonderful safe bed where there is no anxiety.

  24. Darren Darren

    I’m a big fan of your website hence I’m always leaving comments on your excellent posts!

    The Rocabi weighted blanket is most certainly something I would find some use for! I do find it fascinating that different techniques can trick the brain to relax or behave differently. 

    We all like to be hugged and sometimes there isn’t anyone to hug you and I think is could be a tremendous help to some people. 

    • AnxietyPanda AnxietyPanda

      Welcome back, Darren! 

      AnxietyPanda is always appreciative of your comments!


  25. Tucker Tucker

    Hi Wanda!

    First of all, I love your domain!

    Second, thank you for this informative post on the Rocabi Weighted Blanket. I’d never even heard of weighted blankets before reading your post, but the concept makes so much sense!

    I’ve used meditations for years, but the idea of “tricking” your body into that serotonin release is an interesting one for sure, and something I’ll think about trying!

    Thanks again!

    • AnxietyPanda AnxietyPanda

      Great stuff, Tucker, glad you enjoyed your visit! Isn’t the blanket innovative?? I just love this day and age we find ourselves in! Who knows what science or technologies we’ll be exposed to next?

      If you do decide to try a weighted blanket, be sure to let us know what your thoughts are on it! 

      Best panda-wishes! Keep well 🙂

  26. sharon sharon

    I never knew you could get a blanket for anxiety this is great.
    This blanket has so much going for it like you say no more pills, no dry cleaners and never wears out what an excellent product:)
    When summer is here will that not make you hot and sweaty?
    My daughter suffers with anxiety so this would be great for her and save her money in the long run.

    • AnxietyPanda AnxietyPanda

      AnxietyPanda was quite giddy when she found out about anxiety blankets herself! Who knew that there was such an innovative product available to help with anxiety and you are so right saying that it is a money saver in the long run! 

      This blanket is very heavy and warm (perfect for winters!) and does make you hot and sweaty, BUT it’s so soft and comfy that you will be able to sleep without pyjamas when the heat gets to much 😉 AnxietyPanda  hopes that your daughter will find benefit from this information and that an anxiety blanket will help soothe her anxious thoughts. 

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