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5 Best Careers for People with Anxiety

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It can be really hard for an anxiety sufferer to cope with, what most others would consider, a normal working environment.
So many interruptions, so many interactions with others - good and bad - noise, multi-tasking, dealing with stress and trying to stay sane, usually all at the same time!
It's quite a lot of stimuli for the anxious brain to process on top of all the other thoughts that are already racing through it!
That said, it is quite obvious that there are certain careers that are much better suited to the anxiety sufferer than others.

AnxietyPanda Investigates! What are the different types of Anxiety?

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When you are suffering from anxiety, it is quite common and very understandable to feel that you may have lost the plot somewhere and are going slightly bonkers ...
That's merely because of the symptoms of the disorder.
They have a tendency to make you feel like you've lost control and they bring about many disturbing thoughts and feelings.
Just always remember that YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Anxiety disorders are extremely common and it is estimated that more than 10% of the world's population is suffering from an anxiety disorder in some form or another during any given period of their life.

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