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Top 10 Stress Relievers for a Stress-free Life

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Even Pandas get stressed now and then. Especially if you’re an AnxietyPanda! So, don’t feel bad if you’ve been feeling the pressure lately. There are means and ways to help you cope.
Why not start with our list of top 10 stress relievers?

AnxietyPanda will share just a few of her favorite methods, in no particular order, with you. Please do explore additional options in your own time as there are too many to mention.

Here’s 10 to get you started.

Get Outdoors

Both exercise and being out in nature can have stress-relieving properties.
Spending as little as 15 minutes outdoors per day can have immense beneficial effects on your overall well-being and stress levels.
A daily walk or jog in the outdoors will allow your mind to forget about the stresses of the day.
It will help you to change your mindset in order for you to lift your mood and help you relax.
The exercise and fresh air will also help to release lovely endorphins and chemicals that will lift your mood in minutes!

AnxietyPanda Tip! Take a walk with a friend! You will spend time with each other and strengthen the bonds of friendship. Solid friendships are good for your emotional well-being and combined with the benefits of the exercise, fresh air, and sunlight, it really is AnxietyPanda’s favorite stress reliever.

Outdoor couple
A couple, enjoying the outdoors together.

Music, Sweet Music

Music(And, ANY genre, as long as YOU enjoy it) has so many ways to relieve stress that AnxietyPanda has published a separate article on how music can help with your anxiety – Read it here: Music Therapy for Anxiety – A Proven Alternative Treatment.

Music has been known to have immensely positive effects on both the mind and the body.
Did you know – Music can lower blood pressure and reduce the secretion of the stress-related hormone, cortisol?

You only need 30 minutes a day of relaxing and calm music.

Feel almost immediate stress relief by making music for yourself or others on an instrument, or by listening to your favorite track.

When you’re not listening to live music, listen to music with your earphones on – get lost in the music!

When playing an instrument, be mindful of your neighbors and the people you share your space with.
If you have a portable instrument, like a guitar, djembe or flute, why not go to a peaceful park or forest patch and practice your craft in nature? Double the benefits!
Why not take a stroll, a quick jog, or even a cycle to your favorite spot in nature and indulge in the craft of making music. All the while breathing in the lovely, clean, fresh air and getting your daily dose of sunshine all at the same time! What a bargain!

Enjoying music and nature

Stress Toys! – The Dammit Doll Classic

It comes in 12 funky colors and is handmade using only the most quality products. It’s strong enough to endure any mistreatment during your stress episodes, that’s a promise!
Use it to vent!
Hit the wall with it, hit your desk, hit the floor, throw it on the ground! Dammit Doll – your stress buddy.


Eat clean and well – There is more to life than Bamboo

Try to maintain a diet that consists of raw, fresh produce and wholegrain foods. Fatty and sugary foods may give you a temporary lift, but the crash is not worth the high, to be honest.

AnxietyPanda recommends eating lots of fresh fruit and vegetables and fish for the omega-3 fatty acids it contains – pure brain food!
Another favorite is Wheatgrass!
AnxietyPanda can not say enough good things about the benefits of Wheatgrass juice or Wheatgrass powder.
The magic plant contains all the minerals you can think of and so many vitamins, not to mention the blood-building chlorophyll and 17 amino acids! You only need 1-2oz of this superfood per day!

Maintaining a healthy diet is not only good for your physical well-being but also good for your mental well-being.
Eat a protein-rich breakfast, drink plenty of water, instead of caffeine or alcohol, eat your carbohydrates and just be balanced in all that you do or consume.

Balanced Diet
Feast on a colorful diet

Keep a Journal

Writing down your feelings and emotions from the day can help you release those pent-up frustrations.
It’s true!
Plus, keeping a journal will help you remember who you were. You can read back on your life and reflect on how you grew and changed. Journaling can also help to track your accomplishments and learning-curves and might even keep your future-self entertained for hours on end, as you read about and laugh at how naive or silly you were.

Remember to always just write from the heart.
No one is going to read it.
Just let the words pour and write what needs to be written.
Vent, share your joys or sorrows, your successes and failures, or even track your mood.
The sky’s the limit.

Keep a Journal

Breathe in, breathe out – Blow dem bubbles

If there’s one thing AnxietyPanda knows, it’s that breathing is an important part of relaxation and overall well-being and, to state the obvious, a necessity for life.
All jokes aside, breathing consists of bringing in the new, fresh and lovely Oxygen into your body and also flushing out the old, icky and stale Carbon Dioxide that your body doesn’t need.

Become aware of your breathing.
Notice how when you get stressed or upset, your breathing pace increases and when you’re relaxed and calm, your breathing is slower and deeper.
Simply by slowing down and taking deeper breaths, you can relax almost instantly.
Focus on your breathing. Acknowledge any thoughts that may enter your mind, and be thankful for them, but ultimately always return back to focusing on your breathing.

Implementing the correct breathing techniques will not only make you feel healthier, but it will also help you to stay in control of all your volatile emotions and help to keep your mind clear and sharp.

You can teach yourself simple breathing techniques, but AnxietyPanda prefers a more fun method – Blowing bubbles!

Blowing bubbles forces you to take deep breaths and release the air slowly in order to make the bubbles. And, it’s so much fun blowing bubbles and chasing after them, it will bring out your inner child and lift your mood in an instant as well!


Bubbles relieve stress
Giant Bubble

Fornicate! Let’s get it on…..

Sex may not get rid of whatever it is that you’re stressing about, but it most definitely will make you feel a lot better about it and perhaps give you a new perspective on things.

The act of sexual intercourse will release feel-good endorphins and oxytocin in your brain and your body and will also bring a strengthening of social connection with your partner, both factors known to have a positive impact on stress levels.

No partner? That’s okay, you can help yourself too and experience the same effects.
No time for a quicky?
Just hug, kiss or touch someone (warning: only someone you know, don’t go touching random strangers!) – it will release oxytocin, guaranteed!

AnxietyPanda Lecture! Now remember, always be safe and when the need arises, use protection unless you are fornicating with your eternal love, then you may be excused.

Show the love
Hanging Wooden Hearts

Random Acts of Kindness and Paying it forward

Nothing beats the feeling of helping someone in need.
Seeing the gratitude and happiness in their eyes and knowing that you have been able to make a difference in someone’s life, doesn’t matter how small, is amazing and a privilege to experience.

It could be something small, like writing a card to someone where you express how grateful you are for having them in your life, or it could be something really life-changing for the person like sponsoring their education.
At all times, try not to just donate.
Volunteer instead. It’s the act of being involved in helping that will help your brain to relax and your spirit to feel good. Just reach out to someone…

Reach out to someone
Holding Hands

Games, games, games!

In moderation, playing a game can be one of the most fun and relaxing ways to send your stress packing and out the door for good.

Playing a game allows you to divert your focus elsewhere and away from the stress factors in your life. You get a chance to “escape” your reality for a while and just let go and be who or whatever you want to be. Even as little as 15 minutes a day have proven to be enough to improve your concentration and raise your energy levels.

Playing board games usually make you laugh and you usually need more than one person to be able to play. Both laughing and socializing are great to relieve stress, so you catch 2 pandas with one bamboo shoot!

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