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What is the cure for Anxiety? It’s not what you think!

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Last updated on November 29, 2019

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So, just imagine for a quick sec here:
There is a wonder pill that will help you never have to feel anxious ever again…. unless you stop taking the said pill…

You need to stop asking yourself “What is the cure for anxiety?”.
Yes, there are many products being sold as “cures” for this condition, but they only alleviate your symptoms and you may start to experience renewed anxiety symptoms after you discontinue the use of the product.
The cold, hard truth is there is no cure!
BUT, there is one thing that can make you feel like you are cured and without having to experience any side-effects!
Want to know more?
Read on!

What is the cure for Anxiety? A redundant question

Trying to get “rid” of your anxiety is a futile exercise.
AnxietyPanda is not going to beat around the bush with this.
Anxiety is a condition you can manage to a point where you can lead a life that feels as if it is free of it, but it will always be there gnawing in the background.
Don’t bother trying to think of ways to overcome it, as thinking about it will just cause a vicious circle of anxiety, worry and over-thinking all of the time. Your mind will never be able to let go if you don’t decide to let go.

But, don’t feel completely lost.
There is a simple concept that you can learn to embrace and apply to yourself in order to feel free from your anxiety.
It’s called –Love & Acceptance!
And although these are two separate things, in essence, they should be seen as one concept.
Because, without acceptance, there can’t be love and without love, there can’t be acceptance.
So we will look at this as one concept.
Love & acceptance, not only for other people but especially for yourself!
Most importantly for yourself, for without self-love, how can you really love another or anything else?

Accepting Yourself and Others

Wonderful things start to happen when you acquire the art of acceptance.
Suddenly, that annoying cold-caller is no longer so annoying.
C’mon – everyone should have the chance to make a living, right?
When you accept this, the whole interaction becomes more pleasant and instead of sending your stress levels through the roof, you leave feeling like you made a difference to someone’s day, even if you didn’t buy into whatever it was they where cold-calling you about.
Suddenly, a bad hair day is no longer the end of the world and sometimes make you look even prettier and more natural. These are all small examples, but they can and will snowball into bigger and better things for you.

Learn acceptance by applying the following:

  • Acknowledge the fact that you are willing to change and accept yourself and others. Say it out loud, write it down or just think of it. Just put it out there.
  • Celebrate your strengths and surround yourself with people who celebrate them with you. Don’t waste or spend your time with those who only bring you and others down.
  • Forgive, yourself and others, and don’t dwell on the past. Don’t dwell too much on the future either, for that matter. In this very moment that you find yourself in, there is little to nothing you can do about things from the past or the future. If, at this moment, there is nothing to be worried about, WHY waste your time on things you can do nothing about? Forgive – it’s OKAY to have flaws.
  • Be nice to yourself. Really. Would you talk to your friends or your family the way that you talk to yourself? Think about it.
  • Help others – giving has a way of making you feel worthy and that you have a purpose. When you see the smiles or the gratitude of the people you are helping, your heart will be filled with the most amazing feeling. You will realize that you have a purpose in others lives and that you CAN make a difference.

Loving Yourself and Others

With acceptance, love is almost automatically guaranteed to follow, so this should be easy.

You know that negative creep that sometimes pops into your head and tells you that you are not beautiful or not clever enough or that everybody hates you? Well, once you learn to truly love and accept yourself, that little monster will have nothing on you!

Take heed of the following on your journey to self-love:

  • Just remember there’s a difference between self-love and vanity. Don’t be vain? Just be.
  • It’s OKAY to make mistakes. How else will you learn? It’s what you do with those mistakes that matter. Use them to your advantage during your journey.
  • Don’t blame. Own up to your own mistakes and weaknesses and never let anyone make you feel bad about them either. It is your journey, not theirs. Take responsibility, don’t try to find reasons or a way out. And remember – sometimes you may be blamed for something you didn’t do. DON’T waste your time on these people. State your case and then never deal with them again. They are on a different path than you.
  • Try to look for the good instead of the bad first. We all know the old cliche – Is the glass half empty or half full? As with every situation, there could be both a good and a bad side. We have been conditioned to immediately see the bad first. Perhaps as a defense mechanism? But, we live in an age where we are much safer than our ancestors and can actually afford to start seeing the good in things first. You will notice that it will automatically nullify the “bad”. It is possible to retrain yourself to do this by default. Click here for a great answer to a Quora user’s question on how to overcome negativity and seeing the bad in things first.
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  1. tanya tanya

    I absolutely needed this today. what a great reminder to live in the moment. After many years of dealing with anxiety i also believe that self love is the best cure.
    Love yourself for your strengths and your weaknesses. we cannot and should not, all be the same.
    Embrace today, and relish even the smallest accomplishments!

    • AnxietyPanda AnxietyPanda

      Yes!! You got it!  

  2. Glenys Glenys

    Hi, Thank you for these great tips for how to cure anxiety. I agree with you that anxiety is not a problem that you can “solve”. I really like your idea about love and acceptance being your key to the future.
    It sounds so easy to say, but hard to live and breathe it as your “truth”. Thanks for sharing these great thoughts and ideas. I was just wondering what are some of the things you do every day to remain anxiety free?

    • AnxietyPanda AnxietyPanda

      Oh my, you are absolutely correct – most things are always easier said than done. But once you start seeing the positive changes it does indeed become easier at least! Acceptance is the first step. 

      In answer to your question – AnxietyPanda tries to apply all advice that she shares with you here on this website 🙂

  3. justin justin

    I deal with horrible anxiety and there is no controlling it I ended up having to leave my job for over 6 years because it became too much. It all hit me at once, i never had this issue before and now it never goes away. It is very hard to live a normal life.

    • AnxietyPanda AnxietyPanda

      Hey there, Justin.

      Yes, anxiety is horrible and it’s terrible that one can’t control it like your other emotions… 

      Try not to wish it away, though, I know it’s hard. The more you do, the more it will consume your thoughts. Rather, try to make peace with it. Acknowledge the anxiety and then try to move on and focus on the present moment – learning meditation and breathing techniques really help 😉   

      It really is different for everyone. AnxietyPanda hopes you find your solace soon and wish you much beauty and love and happiness.

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