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What to do for Restless Leg Syndrome – 5 Simple and Natural Solutions

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Last updated on November 29, 2019

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Is Restless Leg Syndrome keeping you awake at night? Read this article to find out what to do for Restless Leg Syndrome, or RLS, aka Willis-Ekbom Disease, or WED.
Although medication is a necessity when you become completely sleep-deprived and the effects of no sleep become unBEARable, AnxietyPanda always prefers the natural approach for treating any condition and will share with you some simple solutions that you can apply to help alleviate your RLS symptoms.

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What is Restless Leg Syndrome?

RLS is a neurological disorder and makes you feel as though you constantly need to move your leg due to crawling, tingly or burning sensations experienced especially during sleep.
This can cause sleep deprivation.
It typically affects middle-aged people but can also be genetically inherited.

Sometimes you might feel at a loss as to what to do for Restless Leg Syndrome.
Fear not!
There are some simple remedies available that will help to alleviate your symptoms almost instantly! Read on!


“Dance like no one is watching!” ~ William W. Purkey

Just dance!
Take a beginners Tango class (any beginners class, really), just dance around in your living room or go out dancing with your friends.
Don’t overdo it, though!
Any form of strenuous exercise will only exasperate the problem and will worsen the condition.
Stick to low impact movements. As long as you are moving, you’ll be fine!

Exercise is great for RLS and what better way to get some than to have fun while getting it?
Bop around for about 30minutes every day and you should be good to go!


Definition Coitus


 A few years back, studies found that having regular intercourse, or even just masturbating, will help to relieve your RLS, giving you one more reason to do it!
Orgasms release an immense amount dopamine, naturally, which is needed for smooth muscle functioning, hence your RLS symptoms should subside after masturbation or having intercourse and reaching orgasm.
Again – don’t overdo it!

Reduce Nicotine intake

Ultimately, you don’t want to smoke at all, however, if you are a heavy smoker it is not recommended to just completely give it up all at once, as the nicotine withdrawals may end up making your RLS worse. So, start cutting down gradually and try not to smoke for about an hour before bedtime.
Substitute your cravings with nicotine gum or suck on a lollipop.

Although there is yet no direct link to RLS, smoking has been associated with problems in falling asleep, staying asleep and drowsiness during the daytime.

Get a Massage

A lovely leg massage will definitely improve circulation in your legs.
Poor circulation may lead to RLS, so giving your calves, hamstrings and other leg muscles a massage will do wonders for easing the symptoms.
Massage with your favorite essential oil for added benefits – we recommend lavender or peppermint essential oil, but any will do.
Also, stretch out your legs and do some ankle rotations, in both ways, while you’re at it.
Wriggling your toes will also help.

Although self-massage is not often deep enough to completely combat the symptoms, it is helpful when you feel an attack coming on or you need mild relief while waiting for some other form of treatment to work.

Go Menthol – Try Vics Vapor Rub!

No one’s exactly sure why this works, but many people have been raving about the efficacy of it.
Rub a thin layer onto your legs and the soles of your feet put on a pair of comfy socks and go to sleep! There have been speculations that perhaps it’s due to the camphor and eucalyptus that forms part of the ingredients that makes the difference, who really knows?

Don’t like the fact that Vics is petroleum based? Make your own!

Quarteracrelifestyle provides this handy home-made vapor rub recipe :


  • 1 cup olive oil
  • 25 grams (1 oz) beeswax
  • 30 drops Eucalyptus oil
  • 10 drops camphor oil
  • 20 drops peppermint oil
  • 20 drops lavender oil


  • Melt olive oil and beeswax together in a double boiler.
  • Leave to cool and add the essential oils just as the sides are starting to set.
  • Mix well.
  • Pour into tin container fur further setting.
  • If you wish to add more ingredients, simply heat it up again in the pot.


RLS Inforgraphic

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Please share your experiences and feedback regarding what to do for restless leg syndrome in the comment section below!
AnxietyPanda would love to hear from you!

Panda-love <3

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  1. Therese Carter Therese Carter

    Most people I have worked with are simply mineral deficient…If they are deficient in a lot of minerals, I like to check that their stomach acid is working appropriately to process and appropriately absorb the minerals. Calcium, iron, and zinc for instance all require an acid rich environment…

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