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AnxietyPanda’s Guidelines for Submitting Your Guest Post

Are you a content creator with a passion for helping people that suffer from anxiety and related conditions?
If you answered yes, then please feel free to submit your guest post to us for publication on the AnxietyPanda website.

Please be sure to read the following guidelines carefully in order to ensure a smooth submission.

  • Browse through some of the articles available on to get a general feel for the topics and types of articles that will be approved for publication.
  • Be sure that your content can provide value to the readers and is of the utmost quality. All articles will be reviewed before publication.
  • You will be allowed to submit articles for the following categories:
  1. Agoraphobia
  2. Book reviews related to the site topic (Anxiety and mental health)
  3. Entertainment
  4. Generalized anxiety disorder
  5. Headaches
  6. Natural remedies, treatments, or solutions
  7. Panic attacks
  8. Performance anxiety
  9. Restless leg syndrome
  10. Selective Mutism
  11. Selfhelp
  12. Sleep problems
  13. Stress
  14. Therapy
  15. Yoga

Before submitting your guest post for review, please be sure of the following:

Article Quality

Minimum article length is 800 words and should provide as much detail as possible without “word stuffing”.
The articles should be focused on the target audience (anxiety sufferers and their loved ones) and provide them with as much information as possible around the chosen article topic.
Please submit original, unpublished content only.
Remember, this article will reflect back to you as well. Full author credit with an author bio and links back to your website will be provided. PLEASE SUBMIT AN AUTHOR BIO AND LINKS TOGETHER WITH YOUR ARTICLE, THANK YOU!
And on that note…

Giving Credit Where Credit’s Due

AnxietyPanda is fully aware of the hard work and effort that goes into creating any piece of content. We respect each individual’s work, therefore we ask that should you derive some of your content from other people’s work or images that you also credit them in the article.
As content writers, AnxietyPanda believes that it is important to support your fellow writers and that all good effort will be returned tenfold 😉

Images and Screenshots

You will be allowed to upload two images.
One will be your featured image. Please be sure it is 600×300 pixels in size.
Optionally, you will be allowed an additional image/screenshot to complement your writing.
Minimum image sizes are 250×125 and maximum 1800×900

Promote your Work

Please be sure to submit your Author Bio together with your post, once your proposal has been accepted by AnxietyPanda. Your bio can include links to your website/s, social media links or any other relevant options you wish to include for promotional purposes.
Should you not submit an author bio, AnxietyPanda will place a basic one on your behalf.

Be Original

Copied content will absolutely not be tolerated and should it be discovered that you have copied any content from other publishers and published it as your own on, we reserve the right to instantly remove the article and ban the user from future use of the guest blogging facilities.

For red tape purposes, by submitting your post for publication to, you also agree to hand over all copyright ownership of the post to the owners of


Please be sure to return to your post from time to time in order to answer any queries or spark conversation to comments given for your article. Please answer any comments via the comments section below your published post.
This ensures that your post stays helpful and supported for the readers and also helps you to build more trust and exposure for your own personal gain.

Submit Your Post For Review

Now that you have read and understood the above guidelines, please submit your post for review by completing the below form. Please allow up to 3 days for a review to be processed. If you have not heard from us within 2 weeks consider your post submission as unsuccessful, however, we will endeavor to always provide a response regardless if it’s positive or negative.

To give you an idea of the types of articles we accept, feel free to browse some guest posts submitted by others:

Contact Us with your topic ideas and questions, or simply submit your prewritten post below! Remember to contact us at to start the reviewing process.

Please Do Not Contact Us Or Send Any Queries Via The Form Below. It Is Meant For Guest Post Submissions Only. Should You Have Any Queries, Suggestions, Or Requests, Please Contact Us At info@anxietypanda. org Or By Clicking HERE. Thank You! 😀

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