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Ever wonder if Yoga helps for Anxiety? Here are the facts!

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Last updated on December 2, 2019

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Did you know that Yoga helps for Anxiety?
Yup, among many of its benefits, practicing Yoga will absolutely help to soothe not only your anxiety but many other ailments as well.

The other day, AnxietyPanda was approached by InquisitivePanda who wanted to know if Yoga helps for Anxiety.
AnxietyPanda was enthusiastically explaining the benefits of Yoga and how it will help to ease Anxiety when ConfrontationalPanda came rustling through the bamboo bushes and overheard the discussion.
ConfrontationalPanda laughed at AnxietyPanda, stating that there is no way that a mere practice such as Yoga could possibly help for a psychological disorder.

Instead of becoming offended, AnxietyPanda went on a mission to raise concrete facts in order to prove to ConfrontationalPanda that Yoga helps for Anxiety.

“Yoga helps for Anxiety? Are you kidding me?”

These were the words ConfrontationalPanda said before he burst out laughing hysterically at AnxietyPanda.
AnxietyPanda felt her cheeks turning red and could feel the adrenaline pumping as she felt both embarrassment and irritation towards ConfrontationalPanda at the same time.
“How rude,” she thought to herself.

At that very moment, AnxietyPanda decided to ignore the ignorance of ConfrontationalPanda.
Instead, she went out to uncover proof that would show beyond any doubt that yoga does, absolutely, help for Anxiety.
AnxietyPanda was positive that once she could produce said proof, that ConfrontationalPanda will end his chuckling and mocking of the idea.

Here’s what she came up with:

First Things First – What’s Yoga?

Yoga developed in ancient India, from about 3300-500 BCE.
By 500 CE, philosophical schools of Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism were emerging, producing a coherent and philosophical system of Yoga.
It was first introduced to Western societies in the mid-19th century and is now a favored form of exercise and relaxation in hundreds of homes throughout western civilization.

The term “Yoga” can mean one of the following, depending on how you use the word, Taken from Wikipedia, Yoga can mean:

– A disciplined method for achieving a goal;

– Techniques to control body and mind;

– The name of a school, system, or philosophy;

– The goal of Yoga practice.

One of the root principles of Yoga, as illustrated in various Hindi, Buddhist, and Jain texts, is that Yoga is:

“A meditative means of discovering dysfunctional perception and cognition, as well as overcoming it for release from suffering, inner peace, and salvation.”

The above statement brings a compelling piece of evidence to the table.
AnxietyPanda will present this fact as the first piece of evidence to ConfrontationalPanda.

But, wait, it gets better!

Yoga Download

The Benefits of Yoga and How They Relate to Anxiety

Next, AnxietyPanda takes a closer look at some of the benefits Yoga offers.

AnxietyPanda well knows that there are many non-exercise related aspects of Yoga, like breathing and meditation, that definitely helps to ease the symptoms of anxiety and stress.
She knows for certain that she’ll be able to identify another crucial piece of evidence here.

* These are only a few of a multifold of benefits she came across.

–> Reduces muscle tension and inflammation

–> Improves muscle tone, strength, and flexibility

–> Relieves stress and promotes relaxation

–> Promotes mental calmness

–> Increases body awareness and balance

–> Improves concentration and attention spans

Two of these peaked AnxietyPanda’s interests: “Relieves stress and promotes relaxation,”, and “Promotes mental calmness”.

Part of the teachings of Yoga includes learning breathing techniques and meditation.
Both these tools are equally valuable in coping with stress and anxiety.

Because it is also a form of exercise, the body releases more endorphins and dopamine, ultimately making you feel wonderful, happier, and more relaxed.

Focusing on your body movements while applying breathing techniques, will set your body and mind in a state of calmness. You will further find it easy to “shut down” your thoughts and clear your mind.

And just like that AnxietyPanda has her second piece of evidence ready.

Excitement is starting to build up in her.
Surely, ConfrontationalPanda will come to his senses and see how beneficial Yoga is for Anxiety.
The evidence, so far, is concrete!

But wait…

AnxietyPanda feels that perhaps one more piece of evidence will seal and close the deal, no question.

Yoga Philosophy – The Secret to Happiness and Health

The Yoga philosophy of the Hindu religion consists of 8 limbs also known as Ashtanga.

  1. Yama – Your attitude towards the environment.
  2. Niyama – Your attitude towards yourself.
  3. Asana – The physical postures you do during Yoga exercise.
  4. Pranayama – Breathing techniques.
  5. Pratyahara – Detaching from the external world and drawing attention inward.
  6. Dharana – The practice of concentration.
  7. Dhyana – The practice of meditation.
  8. Samadhi – Final state of ecstasy and self-awareness, and being at one with the universe. Also, described as enlightenment.

These benefits are recorded in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.

The collection states that the first 5 limbs will provide physical benefits such as strength, beauty, and toughness.

The last 3 limbs, leads to psychological benefits such as enhanced perceptiveness, mastery of the ego, and deeper understanding and love for self.

There you go!

AnxietyPanda will commission ConfrontationalPanda to read the Yoga Sutras as the third and final piece of evidence for her argument. It can only be good for him. 😉

Online Yoga Class

The Closing Argument – Who won?

After gathering all the evidence, AnxietyPanda ran as fast as her furry body could carry her to present them to ConfrontationalPanda. She was sure that she could now convince him that Yoga helps for Anxiety.

ConfrontationalPanda was still laughing and teasing AnxietyPanda about her theories.
The laughter subsided bit by bit as AnxietyPanda produced the 3 pieces of evidence to him.

After containing himself a bit, and having examined all the evidence as presented by AnxietyPanda, ConfrontationalPanda took a deep breath and opened his mouth to say something…

What do you think happened next? Who won the dispute?
Is ConfrontationalPanda about to apologize, or is he ready for yet another strike?

Let us know by leaving a comment! Please subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on social media – check the sidebar! 😀

AnxietyPanda recommends the following website filled with 100% free Yoga instructional videos. You can also sign up for Yoga challenges or learn about meditation.

Visit Do Yoga With Me

Try this 20 minute Yoga session for Anxiety. Let us know what you think of it!

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  1. Cool narrative!

    I have come to really enjoy yoga, definitely makes me feel less stressed and anxious. Yoga with Adrienna is my favorite yoga youtube channel 🙂

  2. mark kabakov mark kabakov

    Very interesting and useful topic. I would like to explain other more accessible elements of Yoga. They will help to be strained with alarm. These simple exercises can be remembered and mastered by people. Those who, like me, were late to play real Yoga. 

    Here is a sequence of soothing exercises. 1.Simple posture sitting with legs crossed. You can sit higher on a wooden bar, eyes closed, breathing deep. 2. Supta Badha Konasana (Butterfly Pose Lying). 3. Twist lying.4.  Shavasana (Corpse Pose).Experts will agree with these universal soothing exercises and will teach proper breathing. 

    Many thanks and wishes for success in further publications. Mark

  3. Daniella Daniella

    This is an awesome article, I enjoyed very much the reading!

    I used to do Yoga a few years ago and I remember how I felt so good at that time. I was light and calm, even when I had to do plenty of things and I was supposed to be under pressure. Anyway, now that I read your article, it makes me want to go back to Yoga. Thank you for this excellent post!

    I would start again at home and learn from You Tube. Do you think it’s an excellent way to learn from videos? Or it would be better to participate in real class? 

    Thanks again!

    • AnxietyPanda AnxietyPanda

      Hi Daniella,

      Thank you for your comment!
      Yoga is indeed an excellent form of exercise, whether you practice it online or participate in a real class. It all comes down to personal preference and convenience 😉 

      All the best in your Yoga adventures! 

  4. Alexander Bush Alexander Bush

    Thank you for the information of how and why Yoga can help with your anxiety.

    As someone who has tried so many different things fix my anxiety and seen them fall on a frequent basis its good to hear people saying this truly works.

    Would you have any suggestions for a beginner on what are some good poses to begin with? I have never done yoga but would love to see how it effects me but would love some guidance. 

  5. Barry Barry

    Hello there. I hope you’re having a good time. Thank you for sharing this information with us. Frankly speaking, I never knew yoga can help with anxiety. I have read several articles about CBD Oil and that it can relief one from anxiety.

    Yoga seems to amaze me with its benefits. Good to know the history of Yoga too. 🙂

  6. Beauty In A Maze Beauty In A Maze

    My mom used to have to take medication for restless leg syndrome and even though she never does Yoga, I was able to experience how it affects someone. I do Yoga multiple times a week and even though I mostly do it to improve my balance and flexibility, I also feel less stress, so I’m not surprised that that form of exercise can help for those who have anxiety. Yoga is a great form of exercise for both external and internal health, and since there’s so many different kinds of Yoga, I think anyone can benefit from it! Plus, it’s so easy to modify to fit your fitness level!

  7. Greg Cook Greg Cook

    Surely Confrontational Panda must apologise. The evidence Anxiety Panda put forward about the benefits of Yoga must bring him round. 

    Thanks for a great article. I have done Yoga a few times and always felt it a good stress relief, and the stretching is always good for muscle tone. I do a lot of weight training at the gym, which tends to reduce flexibility, so the stretching benefits of Yoga are a good compliment maintain flexibility. You’ve inspired me to do some more Yoga.

    • AnxietyPanda AnxietyPanda

      AnxietyPanda – 1

      ConfrontationalPanda – 0

  8. Steve Crozza Steve Crozza

    There are many who believe Yoga to be a solution to their problems, both physically and mentally and as far as I am concerned if their belief is that, let them experience the benefits from practising something which they believe in.

    After having read this and gained a basic understanding of Yoga you have confirmed to me that it could be of value to those who believe in these sorts of values.

    I believe in a different set of values, which are along the lines of be nice to others and you will get that back in return. As well as I practice a relaxation technique which has value for me, and the end result is for me a balanced life in a difficult world. Doesn’t mean to say I don’t get stressed by things, I do, but I have these techniques to get me by.

    I believe Yoga works for those who believe in the practices and ideologies behind it.

    Thanks for the explanation of Yoga and the techniques, it was an interesting article.

  9. Darren Darren

    yoga has so many benefits other than physical and I can fully understand how it can help with anxiety as the breathing techniques along with the positions must release a lot of tension.

    I never knew how long Yoga has been around and was surprised to read the dares. Our ancestors I think had more knowledge than we knew! 

    Great post and I think Yoga is something I really need to start thinking about doing. 

  10. Stefan Stefan

    Thanks for this tip. We have a friend suffering from anxiety and it’s getting worse by the month.

    She doesn’t like to talk much about the problem and it is not easy to help her.

    Maybe my wife can convince her to join her to some yoga classes. We don’t have to say why we come up with the idea, yoga is always good for many reasons.

    I think yoga is something our friend would actually also like to practice, it’s not about talking a lot and can be exercised at home as well.

  11. Michel Michel

    If someone asks a question like does yoga help for anxiety, then they have obviously never been to a yoga class, or a good one at that.

    I have always found that doing a yoga class myself makes you feel great afterwards, just like a burden has been lifted off your shoulders when you walk out of class.

    I think the fact that you are so busy concentrating on your breathing and your exercises, it totally removes you from your worries and it feels like you are transported to a tranquil world temporarily. 

    For people who need to destress, I couldn’t think of a better way to do so than going to a yoga class.

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