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Your Key to Calm: How to Stop Overthinking and Worrying

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Over-thinking. Over-analyzing. Worry. Ugh, it’s just terrible and it can completely consume your thoughts and make you believe certain things that aren’t real. It comes in so many forms. A common example of over-thinking that many of us do is where you may exchange some harsh words with someone and then go home replaying that conversation over and over in your mind. You keep thinking about what you could or should have said instead of something else or you replay the intense parts and worry that you came across too strongly/too weak, you get the drift?

Because the thoughts are endless. And it’s not good for you.

Another example would be that you perhaps experience a discomfort in your body somewhere and you immediately start analyzing and making up the worst case scenarios, when in reality it could just be something small and natural like your body adjusting to a new medication or it may just be a natural symptom of getting older …

AnxietyPanda Warning! Always consult with your doctor if you are really worried!

Over-thinking, over-analyzing separates the body from the mind. Withering my intuition, leaving opportunities behind ~ Lateralus.Tool

Of course, not all over-thinking is bad. Thinking a lot about what makes you happy or things that you enjoy doing can be really good for you. Over-thinking come in many forms and there are many ways to “train” yourself to stop falling into negative overthinking and worrying patterns.

The simplest answer for how to stop over-thinking and worrying is actually quite simple, and easier than you may think:

You need to stop worrying about things you can’t control! Repeat this to yourself once or twice a day, and every time you are in a situation where you find yourself over-thinking or worrying, just ask yourself: “Is this something that I can change? Is there something that I can do about it?” And if the answer is no, take your attention elsewhere and move on. No use dwelling on the past or what could have been.

Are you an over-thinker? 5 Warning Signs to look out for

Everybody over-thinks once in a while, but if it gets to a point where your daily tasks and thoughts are consumed by it, you should consider doing something about it.

Here is a short video clip of 5 of the many warning signs you need to look out for.

Why do we worry?

It’s a classic case of Pavlov’s dog.

Usually, you worry and worry and worry and nothing bad ends up happening. You have wasted hours worrying and overthinking situations, but at least everything turned out great.

Every time this happens, your brain connects worry with a happy ending, thus you want more of it on a sub-conscious level. Consciously, you may be telling yourself that worrying motivates you to do something about a problem or that worrying is a way of showing someone that you care or even that worrying helps you to solve your problems. All of these thoughts need to be re-trained as soon as possible whether via professional channels or self-help attempts.

Overcome over-thinking with these 6 handy tips

Be Grateful

This is probably the simplest and most effective step to not only help you stop your overthinking and worrying but to also help enrich your entire life. We often take so many things for granted not realizing that there is always someone who is worse off than ourselves. A simple “thank you” sent out to the universe will attract goodness to you and perhaps bring you into a situation where you will be fortunate enough to help uplift another in their struggles.

Give thanks, even for the things you don’t yet have. Say thank you as if you have already received it and watch what happens!

Live in the Moment

We often fall into the trap of pondering for hours on how we might have done something that happened in the past differently or about what the outcome of a future event might be. It really does us no good if these thoughts cause us any stress. Of course, it is perfectly fine to reflect on past and future events that make us happy and content with our lives.

Ask yourself, “Will it matter a year from now?”

This could go both ways. It will help you to stop worrying about the little, mundane, every-day-life things that you beat yourself up about but it could also make you worry more about important things that will be beneficial for your well-being in the future if you implement the necessary changes now. It’s a win-win, really.

Don’t try to read minds

Don’t assume that you know what others are thinking. This is where your own thought-monster will come out and take control of the situation and you will end up in a completely fictionalized fantasy world where people have said things they’ve never said. It’s bad news. Just ask and if you’re too afraid to ask, let it go. Easy as that. Their thoughts are their own. Private. They are not your business to worry about.

Accept the worry, acknowledge it, and then focus elsewhere

Don’t try to fight your anxious thoughts, cause if you’re gonna fight your feelings, they’re gonna come fighting right back at you with full force. Instead, let those thoughts come and go, acknowledge their existence but refuse to entertain them and just connect back with the present moment.

Get a second opinion

Sometimes it helps to raise your anxieties to a trusted friend or family member. They may help bring perspective to the situation and the extra support will surely help to ease your mind.

You’re an over-thinker. What now?

So, you think you’re an over-thinker? Don’t worry, you are definitely not alone and there are many, many techniques and solutions that will help you out if you put your mind to it. Be wary, though. There are certain cases where self-help will not be enough and you will have to consult the advice of a professional. You can do this online at places such as as well. Over-thinking can be an underlying problem of many other disorders and it’s best to cut it short sooner rather than later! Don’t be afraid to as for help.


Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff!

In the words of Richard Carlson, ” Don’t sweat the small stuff … and it’s all small stuff” Remember that. Before you know it you will be looking back on your life and hopefully, you will be able to look back without being disappointed about the amount of time you spent worrying and overthinking things for no reason at all.


Panda-love <3


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  1. Caro Caro

    Hi! Just read your article and I recognized myself. I’m always worried about what everybody is thinking and it drives me crazy. I always excuse myself too, and I know it can be annoying for people. But it’s very hard to let go that habit but I will certainly try your advice.
    Thank you for the sharing!
    All the best,

    • AnxietyPanda AnxietyPanda

      Dear Caro, AnxietyPanda understands exactly what you are going through. Try not to worry too much, and remember the quote from Dr Seuss: “Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.

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